Dental news you’ve missed this week

Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days…

Profession says 3% pay rise for NHS dentists is ‘progress’

NHS dentists have been handed a 3% uplift to their pay in a move that has been praised by the profession

The government is giving NHS dentists a 3% pay rise ‘in recognition of the unique impact of the pandemic’. The BDA is welcoming the pay rise describing the uplift on the right side of inflation as ‘progress’. The BDA is never usually happy with government announcements so I’m surprised it is smiling about this one. Current inflation rates are set at 2.4% – so this is effectively a 0.6% pay rise. Hardly something that reverses the years of real terms pay cuts and not enough to start encouraging more NHS work.

Dentist to fight high court decision on vicarious liability

Dentist to fight high court decision on vicarious liability

Raj Rattan and Dental Protection have vowed to continue fighting after a recent high court decision on vicarious liability found Dr Rattan liable for the care of a patient visiting his practice, not the associate. This is despite the identification of the treating dentist who is willing to respond to the claim. Things are already stacked against being a dental practice owner. Vicarious liability is another consideration to add to a growing stressful list. Many potential principals may already consider this enough to tip things in favour of remaining as an associate.

Flying Smiles – the dental hygienist offering treatment in gardens

Flying Smiles – the dental hygienist offering treatment in gardens

This week we heard from the amazing Fiona Perry, founder of Flying Smiles. Fiona is a hygienist that cycles around rural Perthshire in Scotland with her dental equipment on the back of her bike. She treats people in their own homes during 90-minute appointments. Make sure you take 10 minutes to watch the interview here.

Two in five athletes bothered by their oral health

athletes competing oral health

The Tokyo Olympics starts today and has already been dogged with stories surrounding sexism and Holocaust jokes. New research shows that 40% of athletes are also ‘bothered by their oral health’. The study also shows 55% of athletes have dental cavities, 45% suffer from dental erosion and 76% have periodontal disease. This is despite oral health improvements significantly reducing negative effects on performance.

Woman breaks into dental practice and extracts 13 teeth from patient

Women breaks into dental practice and extracts 13 teeth from patient

And finally, we heard two extreme stories coming from across the world this week. The first, a woman was arrested for breaking into a dental practice and extracting 13 teeth from a patient, using anaesthetic that had been discarded. The reason why this took place is still unknown. And the second comes from Australia. A dentist was awarded almost £125,000 for a fake one-star Google review.

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