Dental compliance made achievable

A complete, end-to-end dental compliance management solution – innovative software, practical services, online and in-practice training, specialised consultancy and corporate support.

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Dentistry Compliance is the most intuitive & user-friendly compliance platform we've ever seen & the support team is incredible!


We're setting the standard in dental compliance

If having confidence that your dental practice is compliant with the latest professional standards and regulatory requirements is your aspiration, then we share that ambition with you.

Our aim is to simplify the way that you integrate compliance management into your day-to-day business processes, so that you can concentrate on patient satisfaction and high standards of clinical care.

We believe in partnering with our clients to achieve the best compliance outcomes.

Ensure your practice meets current professional standards with our compliance solutions


Dentistry Compliance

The new standard in dental compliance. Compliance management software, access to all documentation, automated audits and more.


Dentistry Compliance Pro

Everything included within Dentistry Compliance but with additional CPD licenses for larger practices & a personalised onboarding plan.


Dentistry CPD Included

We include Dentistry CPD licenses as a standard with every Compliance membership allowing you to access 600+ hours of CPD content.


Dentistry Compliance for Corporates

Flexible, end-to-end compliance management for larger & multiple location practices. Our dedicated Corporate tools enable easy to manage multi-location compliance solutions.


Support Services

Support services include compliance audits, CQC Registration, in-practice compliance support, clinical due diligence, emergency CQC support, and new practice start up support.


Automated Audits

Our automated Audit simplify your auditing processes and help you identify areas that may require some improvement at the same time as recognising and reinforcing good practice.


A complete, end-to-end dental compliance management solution

See for yourself how Dentistry Compliance is an innovative software, with practical services, online and in-practice training, specialised consultancy and corporate support.

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We’re an innovative professional services company that combines tailored support with technology to deliver in-practice compliance solutions to dental practices.

We are a knowledgeable, approachable team with a cherished reputation for integrity. Apolline’s mission is to provide customised support services and software solutions for the dental sector, to enable practices of all sizes to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.  Our unparalleled understanding of current standards, combined with professional expertise and innovative technology, allow us to deliver successful outcomes for all our clients.

We understand the pressures involved in day to day compliance management.

We are proud of our highly experienced, dynamic and professional management and Practice Advisor teams. Our management team has over 150 years of combined experience incorporating experienced dental clinicians, practice managers and CQC Registered Managers. Our team knows compliance inside out and we are able to share this vast knowledge with you!


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