What makes a great turbine?

What makes a great turbine?

Moj Dehghanpur, principal dentist at Yourdental Wellness, talks about his experience of working with a new NSK high-performance turbine.

Yourdental Wellness is a new state-of-the-art private practice situated on Upper Street, Islington. We treat all types cases, and disciplines include general dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and implants.

My special interest is restorative and cosmetic dentistry. As with all areas, using the best equipment possible is essential to successful treatment outcomes. I always choose what I consider to be the most reputable manufacturers to work with.

I have been using NSK handpieces for about 10 years now, both air turbines and electric speed-increasing contra-angles. A good turbine is a vital part of restorative dental procedures such as crown preps, veneers and onlays. I was delighted to be asked to test NSK’s new Ti-Max Z990L and Z890L turbines.

Light and well-balanced

It’s obvious that a lot of attention has gone into the design and choice of materials in the construction of the new handpieces. One of the biggest issues with handpieces is the weight. While a handpiece may initially not feel very heavy, when you hold them for an hour or more at a time, the weight distribution is an important factor during longer appointments. I noticed immediately how light these handpieces felt and how well the weight was distributed, giving a really well-balanced feel.

The body of the turbine is made of lightweight, high-strength titanium with a non-slip Duragrip coating. While Duragrip is not unique to these handpieces, it does make them a much nicer instrument to hold.

In my opinion and experience the increased power of the Ti-Max Z990L means it cuts more efficiently, especially when it comes to harder materials such as zirconia. While the extra power is a big bonus, the grip and the lighter weight are ultimately the most valuable features for me in the new turbines.

Quick-Stop function

Patient safety is obviously a top priority in my practice. A turbine is a powerful instrument, rotating at very high speeds. It must come to a complete stop before being removed from the patient’s mouth to avoid injury. 

The Ti-Max Z990L and Z890L both feature a new Quick-Stop function which is a useful safety feature that brings the handpiece to a stop almost immediately. This also prevents suck-back of contaminants into the turbine head and subsequently protects against the risk of cross-infection and ensures safer procedures.

Easier access

The Ti-Max Z990L and Z890L both have a 100° angled head, which helps with access and visibility in all areas of the mouth. The smaller head of the Z890L makes it a good choice when working in the posterior region or treating patients with limited opening, and it is of course ideal for paediatric procedures. 

Meeting expectations

I didn’t have any particular expectations of the new turbines, but was impressed overall. Especially with the Ti-Max Z990L which I feel will be a real workhorse in my practice alongside my ever-reliable S-Max M900L. The standout features for me are the weight distribution, the grip, and the lightweight nature of the handpiece. The extra power and the Quick-Stop function are added bonuses. I would definitely recommend the Ti-Max Z990L to other clinicians looking for a top-of-the-range turbine.

Service and support

NSK products are great quality, reliable and consistent. I have worked with NSK for a long time and the service and support I receive has always been excellent. They are a great team to work with. Especially my local NSK product specialist, Mark Beckwith, who is always very responsive and extremely helpful. 

Try before you buy on NSK Ti-Max Z990 and Z890 turbines – more details at mynsk.co.uk/trials-demos/air-turbines-trial-and-demo/

Find out more at www.uk.nsk-dental.com/products/turbines/turbines-ti-max_z990_z890/.

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