Medit i900 – what’s new? 

Medit i900 – what’s new? 

Medit has launched its third generation intraoral scanner, the Medit i900 – find out about its new and improved features.

Redefining the landscape of intraoral scanners, the Medit i900 is a comprehensive solution that will elevate your practice’s capabilities and enhance your ability to deliver outstanding patient care. 

1. Touch control interface: a seamless scan experience

The i900’s control interface is reshaping the way you use an IOS system. With the i900’s innovative 360-degree touch band, navigating through the scanning process is now as effortless as a tap and swipe. The customisable touch pad allows you to perform every action you need with your hand never leaving the scanner, creating a more efficient and hygienic scan experience.

2. Third generation all new optical engine

At the heart of the Medit i900 lies its revolutionary third generation optical engine, representing a quantum leap in scan accuracy and adaptability. With higher data density, scans are rendered with unparalleled detail, and enhanced vivid shades provide a realistic representation of the oral environment. Deeper scanning depth and improved interproximal scanning ensure comprehensive coverage, while flawless metal scanning opens new possibilities in restorative dentistry. Even in challenging conditions, the Medit i900 delivers flawless scans, empowering practitioners with unmatched diagnostic capabilities.

3. Enhanced field of view: enjoy the easiest scanning experience

Recognising the diverse needs of dental professionals, the Medit i900 offers various new features to ensure the easiest scanning experience. An enhanced field of view (FoV) now enables users to capture a wider range of areas in a shorter time of scanning, greatly simplifying scanning edentulous areas. Whether capturing detailed images of a single tooth or obtaining a comprehensive view of the entire arch, the Medit i900 provides the flexibility to meet your specific clinical demands with precision and accuracy.

4. Compact unibody design: where comfort meets function

While embracing the advancements of technology, the Medit i900 embodies a slimmer symmetrical design as well. Its unibody design prevents cross-contaminations and makes cleaning of the scanner process easy. The i900’s lighter and smaller design ensures the whole scanning experience is simple and comfortable. The weight of the structural integrity ensures user comfort during prolonged scanning sessions.

The future of dental scanning has arrived with the Medit i900. Not only does Medit provide sensational scanning technologies with the i900, but it also offers customer-centric care. A three-year warranty is included in the purchase package. All technologies and services are encompassed within the Medit i900 package.

Explore the i900 today and experience the innovation by requesting a demo here: all in for you, Medit i900.

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