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Take care of your technicians and they will take care of you!
Straumann explains how laboratories can take care of their technicians to ensure that they retain a high quality workforce. Demand…
Solving the puzzle of dental practice management
Putting together the pieces: Polly Bhambra speaks to Louise White about her secrets to successful practice management. Behind every successful…
Flexible working found to improve heart health
Increased flexible working may improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart disease by the equivalent of five to…
Health & research
Personality types – the key to patient communication
A personal touch: Justin Leigh explains how an understanding of personality types can help dental professionals engage more effectively with…
Addressing menopause in the dental practice
This month, Gemma Forsythe discusses how dental practices can create an open and supportive environment for women experiencing menopause symptoms.…
WTF? What is the future? – A brave new world driving behaviour change in oral healthcare teams
Join Iain Chapple on Wednesday 8 November at 7pm as he discusses a brave new world driving behaviour change in…
Wellbeing in the workplace: pressure on dentists at an all-time high
Catherine Rutland discusses the current picture of wellbeing among dental professionals and what recent political announcements might mean for the…
Dealing with conflict between team members within a practice
Practice Plan regional support manager Tina Wixon offers some advice on how to ensure conflict within a practice team are…
How to manage the professional development of your team
‘Opening new career paths in our industry is vital’: This month, Ashley Byrne discusses the importance of investing in education…
The importance of letting go of the pursuit of perfection
Perfection paralysis: Matt Everatt discusses the importance of embracing failure rather than hiding from it, and the positive change this…
Team management
Do you really trust your team?
Ashley Byrne reveals some hard truths about the real meaning of trust and the ‘incalculable’ benefits of having a team…
The true value of employee wellbeing
Ritesh Aggarwal explores the many benefits of prioritising team wellbeing for practices that commit to taking it seriously. In 2019/20,…
Bad management leads to one in three UK workers quitting, says survey
Bad managers and toxic work culture are causing one in three UK workers to quit their job. This is according…
Creating confidence in dental therapy
This month, Cat Edney discusses the concept of confidence – how can practices encourage dental therapists to feel confident and…
How to become a great boss with a great team
Leading from the front: Mark Topley shares his seven key strategies for becoming a leader with an outstanding team. If…
One third of dental hygienists unable to take breaks, survey shows
A survey has found that over one third of dental hygienists (35%) and 30% of dental therapists are unable to…
It’s time to address mental health in dental labs
Steve Taylor discusses the importance of addressing mental health in the lab and how to spot the signs that someone…
Team management
Adapting to menopause in the dental practice
Chief executive of the BADN Pam Swain discusses the impact of menopause on dental professionals and explains what employers can…
Dental Nursing
Dentistry sees increase in menopause support enquiries
Enquiries about supporting staff with menopause symptoms in the dental practice are increasing. The DDU explains the importance of addressing…
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