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Entering dental awards – why and how?
Join Leanna Ellis and Chris Baker next Wednesday 1 May at 7pm as they discuss entering dental awards – why…
Menopause – what are my obligations as an employer?
Sarah Buxton sheds light on the legal framework related to menopause and offers practical advice for creating a supportive workplace…
Seven reasons why dental nurses should advocate for fairer salaries
Following the latest Dentistry’s Big Question, Preetee Hylton shares her thoughts on the salaries of dental nurses and why now…
Does your practice team have a head cheerleader?
Les Jones speaks to Lucie Simic about the importance of having a ‘head cheerleader’ in your practice – someone responsible…
The exhaustion of ADHD masking in dentistry
As we mark Neurodiversity Celebration Week, Ben Marriott explains what it is like living with ADHD and how it impacts…
Puppies and pizza – keeping the lab team content
Sarah Jordan discusses the small adjustments her lab made to promote happiness and wellbeing at work among the team. Hi!…
Top tips for empowering staff in tough financial times
Manhar Segal highlights the importance of prioritising team investment during financial uncertainty. In times of financial upheaval, a business’s success…
Finance & accounting
How to do more with less in the cost of living crisis
Dentally explains how automation can make resources go further for both practices and patients during the cost of living crisis.…
AI & technology
The power of ‘take 10’ breaks
Lucie Simic discusses how a weekly ten-minute break can improve productivity, boost morale and empower women – without compromising practice…
The power of DISC personality profiling
This month, Tracie Barnett explores the DISC personality model, and how it can unlock effective communication both within teams and…
Bupa Dental Care launches a head of dental nursing position
Bupa Dental Care has launched its new clinical advisory team, designed to strengthen its clinical voice across the business. The…
Around 50 days of productive time per employee lost to poor wellbeing in 2023, study says
A new study found that around 50 days of productive time per employee were lost to poor physical and mental…
Discover the Damira difference and exciting opportunities
Damira Dental Studios discusses the benefits of joining the team and the job opportunities currently available in Damira practices. In…
Celebrating 25 years in dentistry – where it all started
Bupa Dental Care is celebrating its 25th anniversary – learn more about the team who have made the London Bank practice what…
Wellbeing in dentistry – the stats we all need to know
Recently collected data offers invaluable insight into how dental team members feel about their workplace, colleagues, pay, and much more,…
Private Practice
Navigating the January rush: a dentist’s guide
David Harrop, area clinical lead at Bupa Dental Care, offers up his top tips for sailing through the whirlwind month…
Disrespectful behaviour among colleagues in dentistry is increasing, says study
Newly-released data shows that 30% of participants have experienced more disrespectful behaviour from colleagues compared to during the COVID-19 pandemic.…
Take care of your technicians and they will take care of you!
Straumann explains how laboratories can take care of their technicians to ensure that they retain a high quality workforce. Demand…
Solving the puzzle of dental practice management
Putting together the pieces: Polly Bhambra speaks to Louise White about her secrets to successful practice management. Behind every successful…
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