How to do more with less in the cost of living crisis

How to do more with less in the cost-of-living crisis

Dentally explains how automation can make resources go further for both practices and patients during the cost of living crisis.

As finances become stretched amidst the cost of living crisis, patients are taking a closer look at how they allocate their disposable income. This makes it more important than ever to effectively communicate. They may need reminding about the crucial nature of maintaining optimal oral health and staying committed to regular appointments.

Maintaining this loyalty is a natural result of good practice-patient relationships and outstanding patient experiences. But how can practices deliver this when they are learning to navigate the cost of living crisis themselves? The answer is automation.

Automation with Dentally, the market leading cloud solution for faster, simpler dental practice management, removes the burden of admin and other routine tasks and allows you and your team to focus on what really matters: delivering exceptional patient care and growing your business.

Here’s how we do it.

Incredible patient experience

Automated communications and recalls keep you in touch with your patients at the right time. This helps to effectively reduce lapsed patients and failure-to-attend (FTA) rates. With the patient’s preferred contact method stored to their file, you can feel confident you’re reaching them in a way that works for them – be it email, SMS or post – with no extra admin from your team.

Patients can also manage important aspects of their experience from any location through the portal. This allows them to review treatment plans, book recalls and pre-fill appointment forms. The result is a seamless and patient-centric approach that aligns with the current need for efficiency and accessibility.

Happier team

Tools like task lists ensure important actions aren’t missed by your reception team with Dentally Chat. Team communication is therefore improved across one or multiple sites. These simple interfaces and workflows make the day-to-day even easier.

The result? A more relaxed environment where the team can focus on patients, generating better reviews and a returning patient base. 

By providing your team with processes that work for both them and patients, you can feel rest assured you will be supporting staff retention. Removing the burden of admin allows them to enjoy their work. Integrating Dentally’s practice management software into your practice can also help you to attract new members through its ease of use and the opportunity to earn more through a thriving patient base. Something that is sought after more than ever during these financially challenging times.

A more efficient practice

Streamlined processes and workflows means you can do more with less – optimise appointment books, fill empty slots with ease, and drive the growth of your business.

When you use Dentally, you have access to a whole host of powerful reports at your fingertips. From financial to appointment based reports, Dentally gives you instant access to the data you need to identify growth gaps and make decisions for the future of your practice.

No more crunching numbers or spending time sifting through paperwork, Dentally’s user-friendly interface was designed with ease so you can access highly accurate information you need exactly when you need it.

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