Dentistry Cribs – Dove Holistic Dental Centre

For this episode of Dentistry Cribs, we head to Dove Holistic Dental Centre in West Sussex, a practice at the forefront of sustainable dentistry. 

This environmentally friendly dental practice sits on the coast of Bognor Regis in West Sussex.

The practice belongs to Davinder Raju, our Eco Dentist, who, along with his team, strives to promote the importance of greener dentistry.

‘Our purpose is to promote wellbeing. Wellbeing for our patients, wellbeing for our team and wellbeing for the environment.’

Dove Holistic Dental Care

This innovative practice was designed to promote sustainability and lessen its carbon footprint on the planet.

The bathroom alone showcases at least six sustainable features, from the disinfectant products to the recycled toilet paper.

As well as this, other environmental aspects of the practice include:

  • Infrared, zoned heating: the heaters use solar energy and only turn on in rooms if and when they are used
  • Solar panels: there are 34 solar panels on the roof of the practice
  • Flooring: the flooring is made from a company that uses renewable energy and 70% of their materials are recycled
  • Recycling stations – these can be used by patients for a variety of dental products
  • Lighting: all of the practice’s lighting is provided by efficient LED lighting
  • Fully computerised: this minimises the use of paper records and files
  • Clinical waste: the practice’s clinical waste is collected by a waste contractor to generate electricity.

You too can make little changes

‘I’ve touched on some of the things that we do at the practice to promote sustainability.

‘Some of these are big things like the solar panels and Herschel heating. But also there’s little things we do, like all of the stationary we buy is made from recycled plastic bottles. Our paper is recycled paper.

‘As dental practices, you too can make little changes. If you’ve taken away the idea that you can do something that’s a little bit better for the environment, then this video would have been worth it.

‘Come and join a growing movement. There’s more and more of us that want to deliver dentistry that’s less harmful to the environment.

‘The more of us that get together, the more collaboration we’ll have’.

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