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Brushing up on carbon footprint
Mark Topley describes the importance of dental practices understanding their carbon footprint and ways to improve it. As we all…
Sustainable procurement – shaping dentistry’s future
Mark Topley explains how to achieve more sustainable procurement and examines the impact this will have on the future of…
Why dentistry is learning to prioritise consequence over convenience
Before too long, sustainability will be widely embraced by the dental profession, predict Giles and Leslie Edwards. Please introduce yourself…
The Eco Dentist – how to make your bathroom more sustainable
Clean and green: This month, the Eco-Dentist, Davinder Raju, discusses how you can create a more eco-friendly bathroom in your…
Private Practice
Dentistry Cribs – Dove Holistic Dental Centre
For this episode of Dentistry Cribs, we head to Dove Holistic Dental Centre in West Sussex, a practice at the…
The Green Hygienist – creating a sustainable reception in your dental practice
Lottie Manahan lists 10 steps you and your team can take to make your practice reception area more sustainable.  Not…
The green hygienist – the problem of single-use plastics in dentistry and what needs to happen
Lottie Manahan talks about single-use plastics and why dental professionals need to rethink their responsibilities.  The Journal of Dentistry had…
Oral health
Dentistry podcast – Lottie Manahan on sustainable dentistry
Lottie Manahan shines a light on sustainable dentistry and shares her top tips for practices. In the latest episode we…
Oral health
How can I make my dental practice more sustainable?
Maya Samuel explains how dental teams and practices can play their part in working towards a more sustainable future.  Sustainable,…
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