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The Eco Dentist – how to make your bathroom more sustainable
Clean and green: This month, the Eco-Dentist, Davinder Raju, discusses how you can create a more eco-friendly bathroom in your…
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Dentistry Cribs – Dove Holistic Dental Centre
For this episode of Dentistry Cribs, we head to Dove Holistic Dental Centre in West Sussex, a practice at the…
How preventive dentistry helps support environmental sustainability
Dr Davinder Raju, also known as ‘The Eco Dentist’, outlines how preventive dentistry is the foundation of sustainable dentistry. ‘Every…
The Eco Dentist – how to make your reception area more sustainable
‘Greener dentistry is possible’: This month Davinder Raju, the Eco Dentist, lists simple changes you can make to your reception…
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The Eco Dentist – greenwashing and how to avoid it
As concern for the environment rises, Davinder Raju discusses the importance of avoiding ‘greenwashing’ and how it can damage patient…
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The Eco Dentist – minimal intervention oral care and sustainability
This month Davinder Raju, the Eco Dentist explores how prevention, minimal intervention treatment, and using less resources is important for…
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The Eco Dentist – the plastic waste tsunami facing dentistry
From toothpaste tubes to disposable gloves, dentistry is a huge contributor of plastic waste. This month Dr Davinder Raju discusses…
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The Eco Dentist – ‘dentistry is unsustainable’
This month, Davinder Raju suggests simple ways practices, and more importantly their teams, can change the status quo. As a…
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The Eco Dentist – we’re not striving for perfection
It’s more important dental practices start on their eco journey than try to achieve perfection, Davinder Raju, The Eco Dentist,…
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The Eco Dentist – reducing fuel bills and carbon footprints
This month Davinder Raju takes a closer look at heating and some alternative more eco-friendly ways to power a dental…
The Eco Dentist – purpose, practice and planet
This month The Eco Dentist questions what your purpose is and whether it is more than maximising profits. What sort…
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The Eco Dentist – adding the ‘how’ to the ‘why’ you run your dental practice
Davinder Raju starts his new column as The Eco Dentist and asks whether you’re considering how you run your dental…
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