Dentistry Cribs – The Dentist Gallery

Today we walk around the absolutely unique Dentist Gallery in London with practice principal Jerome Sebah.

This award-winning practice is in London’s Westminster and includes:

  • Four surgeries, one facial aesthetics clinic and one relaxation room
  • Roughly £300k budget for development
  • Five staff members
  • Around 150 visiting patients every week
  • Home to the Smoothbrush – a toothbrush designed by Dr Sebah with a flexible head to help users reach every tooth without needing to apply too much pressure.

‘I was inspired to build the practice this way by a study from the Chelsea Westminster hospital on the reaction of cancer patients to art,’ Dr Sebah told us.

‘The study looked at whether art impacted the way patients accepted therapy and how they were healing. And there were amazing results.

‘So I thought this must work for dentistry as well. That’s why I started to think about doing this.’

The Dentist Gallery – a work of art

The Dentist Gallery acts as an art gallery at the same time as a functioning dental practice.

All the art around the practice is for sale, whilst also helping to put visiting patients at ease and take their mind off treatments.

Each of the surgeries has a different work of art in them, giving them all a different feel. One of the most impressive is Dr Sebah’s surgery.

‘Recently during the pandemic I asked some artists to work on the ceiling,’ Dr Sebah explained.

‘From Berlin, they’re called Tape That. They only use tape.

‘They were in London doing a big David Bowie in his primary school. I managed to get them an Airbnb, they came for one day and this was the result.’

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