Dentistry Cribs – Yorkshire Dental Suite

In this month’s Dentistry Cribs, brothers Hassan and Hussein Dalghous walk us around Yorkshire Dental Suite in Leeds.

This high end, boutique practice was established in 2016 and includes:

  • Four surgeries
  • 15 members of staff
  • £700k (approximately) budget to develop the practice.

‘To build the practice we combined two semi-detached houses into one,’ Hussein explains.

‘We knocked half of the building down and built on a big glass extension onto the front. It involved a lot of work with architects, interior designers and structural engineers.

‘We’re glad to have the results we have now.’

Yorkshire Dental Suite

Yorkshire Dental Suite offers unrivalled service, first class dentistry and a highly personal, rewarding experience.

It is a family-run business, headed with principal dentist, Abdul Dalghous.

The team offers dental implants, teeth whitening, smile makeovers, composites and teeth straightening to patients.

‘With this site, we went against the normal paradigm of having to be in a busy city centre,’ Hassan says.

‘We’re actually 15 minutes away from the centre, in the outskirts. It’s somewhere that has great onsite car parking and it’s really accessible by roads and public transport.’

Hussein adds: ‘The next step for the practice, we still haven’t maximised the capacity of surgeries we can add into the building.

‘We want to add another surgery in the next year. And create more of a brand awareness to gain new patients.’

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