Dentistry Cribs – The Campbell Clinic

The Campbell Clinic is kick-starting our new feature – Dentistry Cribs – with a bang!

We went to Nottingham and received a very warm welcome from Colin Campbell. He showed us around The Campbell Clinic before taking us up to see The Campbell Academy as well on the same site.

The Campbell Clinic is a massive, modern dental practice, built from the ground up with patients and dental courses in mind. It includes:

  • Six surgeries
  • 40 staff members, including clinicians
  • More than 1,000 patients every year
  • Budget to develop the practice – (approximately) £4million.

‘We designed The Campbell Clinic from a blank piece of paper,’ Colin told us. ‘We had an empty field where we could then build what we wanted.

‘When I introduced the practice, I talked about trying to control my clinical environment, it’s all I wanted to do. I wanted to do the dentistry in an environment I wanted to work in. This personifies that philosophy.’

The Campbell Academy

Upstairs, Colin walks us through The Campbell Academy, where the team offers courses on dental implants.

Two of the treatment rooms (downstairs) have HD cameras. As a result, they can magnify a full stop on a piece of paper to the size of a Campbell Academy screen. This therefore enables delegates the chance to see live lower and upper jaw treatments, without having to leave the classroom.

Ceiling mounted microphones also give clinicians the option to talk to delegates too.

‘The aim when we set up the teaching facility was to learn from all the places we’d been to before,’ Colin continues.

‘When we turn up to do a lecture and the audio isn’t right, the lectern isn’t right, the lighting isn’t right, we try to make this the best environment for teaching that we can.’

Coming up next on Dentistry Cribs, in association with DD, we visit Robbie Hughes’ Dental Excellence.

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