The secret dentist – time for change

successThis month’s Secret Dentist calls on foundation dentist trainers to write to The Treasury about the lack of investment in NHS dentistry.

Any dentist over the age of 40 has a duty of care to the UK population and younger colleagues.

They need to lead by example and actively distance themselves from anything to do with NHS general dental practice.

Any dentist currently operating as a foundation dentist trainer must give notice to their LAT/dental dean that they will withdraw from this after the termination of the current cohort of trainees.

They need to send a strong and unequivocal message to The Treasury. Currently NHS general dental practice is dead in the water.

Letter to The Treasury

Join together and agree to add signatures to a letter that goes along the lines of:

Dear Treasury,

Like you, we agree that NHS general dental practice is a massive problem.

Recent events will underline that it is currently dead in the water, especially in England.

Please start an honest and open conversation with all dental professionals under the age of 40 to discuss what treatment will be available and to whom, within general dental practice, given the annual budget you are prepared to allocate to it.


Undersigned by 10,000 registered dental practitioners over the age of 40.

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