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riverdaleNeeraj Diddee explains why Riverdale is focusing on development.

I remember the buzz of completing my dentistry degree. The excitement at the prospect of treating real patients with real problems. Although the reality was that my dental education was only starting. 

Attending lectures to learn the theory and practising procedures in simulations is all part of the process. But the real learning comes when you start to put it into practise: meeting patients, communicating with them, diagnosing treatment and performing it.

Many of these skills come over time, learning through mistakes and successes. But we learn most valuable skills through a support network of mentors. 

Mentors experience most conceivable scenarios and can provide guidance, assistance or support. 

‘Passionate about delivering outstanding care’

At Riverdale Healthcare, we are passionate about delivering outstanding care to the people in our communities. So it is important to us that we have clinicians who share this passion.

This is therefore why a number of our practices are approved dental foundation training practices.

Each year, across the group, we support a number of foundation dentists (FDs) with experienced educational supervisors. They provide advice and guidance on both clinical and non-clinical matters.

As many dentists will testify, working in a dental practice is like having an extended family. There is a range of personalities and learning how to work effectively within a team is a key skill to acquire early in a dental career.

We are delighted that many of our FDs have the opportunity to further develop in associate positions. Whether that is in the same practice or one within the group. 

Riverdale Healthcare practices are predominantly located in the north east of England, an area where a dentist’s salary can provide a good lifestyle and offers lots of opportunity to experience amazing coastlines and beautiful countryside.

‘We respect each other’s opinions and learn from each other’

It’s not just our support of FDs that makes Riverdale Healthcare a great place to be, it’s the support we give each other. We listen to each other, giving everyone a voice. We respect each other’s opinions and learn from each other.

Our comprehensive range of CPD study events are often led by our own clinicians, sharing their knowledge with peers.

From core CPD subjects such as CPR to more complex procedures in endodontics and best practice techniques, we welcome the opportunity to grow as clinicians and individuals. 

It’s been a privilege to support Riverdale with the development of the Riverdale Supporting Clinical Excellence CPD Programme. To date, just under 600 attendances have come along to 26 events. These have been a mixture or lectures, virtual events and hands on courses.

Our colleagues at Devonshire House in Cambridge are already recognised as an outstanding training centre for clinicians all over the country. While we recognise the importance of supporting clinicians outside of Riverside, the key focus of the academy is to grow and nurture our own clinicians.

Securing world-leading trainers, our clinicians have access to a wide range of support. This also enables them to hone their skills in the direction they wish, providing maximum opportunity for growth. 

‘Riverdale…clinicians were financially, physically and mentally supported’

People are leaving the profession. This is understandable if you have felt unsupported and uninspired during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Riverdale Healthcare placed an added focus to ensure our clinicians were financially, physically and mentally supported during this extremely challenging time. 

Our support network of clinical directors and clinical leads are open and honest and always act with integrity. We therefore commit to always do the right thing, for our people, patients, communities and the environment.

Riverdale Healthcare is actively recruiting dentists to join the group. If this is something you are interested in, then please contact our chief clinical officer, Ben Wild in strictest confidence at [email protected].

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