The paradigm shift in ortho treatment planning

Join Christian Leonhardt on Tuesday 7 May at 7pm as he discusses the paradigm shift in ortho treatment planning.

The webinar aims to revolutionise orthodontic planning by integrating airway dynamics, facial aesthetics and TMJ health.

Attendees will learn to optimise treatment outcomes through a comprehensive 360° perspective, redefining traditional approaches for enhanced patient care.

Learning outcomes

  • To understand the role of functional occlusion in treatment planning for adult orthodontic treatment planning
  • To introduce the importance of airway management
  • The role of facially driven treatment planning
  • To understand the risk management involved in adult orthodontics.
Dentistry Webinar - On-demand
The paradigm shift in ortho treatment planning
Speaker: Dr Christian Leonhardt

Christian Leonhardt

Christian Leonhardt graduated from the Julius-Maximilians University of Würzburg, Germany. He furthered his education by earning a Master’s in orthodontics from Danube University and becoming a mentor at the renowned Kois Center in Seattle, USA.

With a specialisation in prosthodontics, he is also affiliated with the EAED and holds certifications in TMJ function, aesthetics, endodontics, implant dentistry and sports dentistry.

Renowned internationally, he shares his expertise as a speaker on treatment planning, function, prosthodontics, orthodontics, and airway. Dr Leonhardt is also a mentor for Modjaw and Smilecloud and the founder of the Quintessence StudyClub. Additionally, he organises the Vienna Airway Congress.

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