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Orthodontics: to extract, or not to extract
This month, Saba Qureshi explores the longstanding debate around whether or not to extract teeth during orthodontic treatment. Before all…
Are you an orthodontist in the making?
Saba Qureshi discusses what working in orthodontics is like and how to go about becoming an orthodontics specialist. There are…
Nearly one third of parents pay for children’s orthodontics with credit
Nearly one third of UK parents are using credit to pay for their children’s orthodontic treatment, a study shows. The…
How to plan ortho restorative cases using Invisalign Smile Architect
Join Mark Hughes on Wednesday 26 June as he discusses how to plan ortho restorative cases using Invisalign Smile Architect.…
ClearX: Redefining the clear aligner experience in its fourth dimension
Join Deborah Martinez Laforest and Sherif Kandil on Tuesday 21 May at 7pm as they discuss ClearX: Redefining the clear…
Catch up with this week’s dental news – 11 May 2024
It’s been an interesting week for dental news. Missed it? Here’s what’s happened over the past seven days… What does…
How does vaping impact orthodontics?
Saba Qureshi explores the impact of vaping on oral health and tooth movement, and the advice dental professionals should be…
The paradigm shift in ortho treatment planning
Join Christian Leonhardt on Tuesday 7 May at 7pm as he discusses the paradigm shift in ortho treatment planning. The…
The Big Three – clinical complexity made simple
Join Ryan Molis on Wednesday 10 April at 7pm as he discusses the big three – clinical complexity made simple.…
Clinical Dentistry
Clear aligner case hospital: what to do when cases go wrong
Join Ama Johal and Sonia Szamocki on Wednesday 6 March at 7pm as they discuss what to do when clear…
Navigate the marketing maze with Hillyard MacDonald
Neil Hillyard discusses how specialists in orthodontic marketing, Hillyard MacDonald, can assist in future-proofing your practice, unlocking growth, empowerment and…
Revolutionising orthodontics with space-age technology
Firmly committed to the advancing landscape of dental care, Dr Kandil sheds light on the cutting-edge, space-age technology that is…
AI & technology
How can orthodontics contribute to the green agenda?
This month, Saba Qureshi discusses how orthodontics contributes to the climate crisis and whether it can be more sustainable. The…
Early interceptive orthodontic treatments for GDPs
Join Steffen Decker on Wednesday 31 January at 7pm as he discusses early interceptive orthodontic treatments for GDPs. Steffen Decker…
Introduction to early intervention orthodontics with clear aligners
Join Steffen Decker on Tuesday 9 January at 7pm as he discusses an introduction to early intervention orthodontics with clear…
Clinical Dentistry
How can orthodontic patients benefit from social media?
From allaying fears to sharing treatment options, Saba Qureshi discusses the huge potential social media has for patients – and…
Addressing the plight of Smile Direct Club employees
Following the Smile Direct Club closure, Del Kahya questions why the compassion and support shown to patients has not been…
Smile Direct Club was a ‘disaster waiting to happen’
Following Smile Direct Club’s closure, the dental profession discusses the risks it posed to patient safety and the role of…
What’s next for Smile Direct Club patients?
‘Seek professional guidance immediately’: In light of Smile Direct Club’s closure, dentists share their advice for those left midway through…
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