Harley Street Institute: ‘Why dentists love our courses’

Are you interested in getting started with aesthetics? Harley Street Institute explains why dentists love their small-group courses in aesthetic medicine.

In the fast-evolving field of aesthetic medicine, precision and expertise are crucial. The need for highly skilled practitioners is therefore more critical than ever. Harley Street Institute has redefined aesthetic medicine training by moving away from the conventional crowded sessions to small-group training.

Unlike traditional settings that often felt inadequate, our educational programs range from extensive six-week courses like the Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine to shorter either one-day or three-day courses like the Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine. These are all designed with a focus on hands-on experience forming the cornerstone of our philosophy. We equip aspiring aesthetic practitioners with the necessary practical skills to excel in this competitive industry. This approach ensures personalized attention and superior education quality for each student.

Courses using ‘innovative educational models’

Located in the renowned medical hub of London’s Harley Street, the institute was established in 2015. It has since distinguished itself through its innovative educational models. Our comprehensive curriculum includes everything from basic injection techniques to advanced aesthetic procedures, preparing our graduates to meet diverse patient needs.

Moreover, we assist our graduates beyond the classroom by offering business setup advice, tips on sourcing products, and strategies for effective social media marketing. We continue our support through newsletters and an emergency contact group on WhatsApp, ensuring our practitioners are never alone in their professional journey.

Our commitment to continuous learning is exemplified in our workshops, seminars and mentorship programs. These initiatives foster an environment of ongoing professional development, helping our graduates to remain at the cutting edge of aesthetic medicine.

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