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Toothbrushing linked to lower rates of pneumonia in hospitalised patients
Researchers have found that toothbrushing may help reduce rates of pneumonia for hospitalised patients. A new study by investigators from…
A brush with greatness
Steve Wright, CEO of expert brush manufacturer Kent Brushes, shares insight into a brand new and exciting offering – an…
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How do you decide which toothbrush to recommend?
Ever wondered how your fellow dental professionals choose which electric toothbrush to endorse? We’re buzzing with excitement to find out!…
Dental news you’ve missed this week
Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days… UK ranks amongst…
Nearly one quarter of UK adults only clean their teeth once a day
  Nearly one in four (23%) Brits admit they only brush their teeth once a day.  And many have no…
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Toothpaste and mouthwash to remain most in demand oral hygiene products
Toothpaste and mouthwash are on track to remain the most in demand oral hygiene products. This is according to new…
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Microbes on toothbrush come from your mouth and not the toilet
Microbes that stick to your toothbrush reflect those in your mouth and not your toilet, a new study has found. …
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Dental Care Recycling Programme launches encouraging practices to establish a recycling point
Every year millions of dental care products end up in landfill and incineration across the UK. To help reduce this,…
Sharing toothbrush containers increases risk of COVID-19 transmission, study suggests
Sharing the same toothbrush and toothpaste tube can contribute to the spread COVID-19, latest research reveals. A new study suggests…
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First bio-based plastic toothbrush launched
Tepe has launched the first bio-based plastic toothbrush in its Good range of toothbrushes. Manufactured in Sweden using 100% green…
Children brushing their teeth for under 30 seconds
Around one in 10 children (12%) brush their teeth for under 30 seconds, a new survey has found. And just over half, 58%, of…
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Get yourself connected
Seb Evans reviews the latest connected electric toothbrush from Philips. Most dentists and dental professionals would probably agree that their…
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Electronic toothbrush sees what you don’t
Oral-B’s Genius intelligent toothbrush system combines Position Detection Technology with Triple Pressure Control and the Professional Timer to help users…
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Toothbrush protection pod
There are more than 10 million bacteria on each of your patients’ toothbrushes according to a recent study at the…
Women change their toothbrush twice as often as men, according to survey
Women change their toothbrush twice as often when compared to men, a new survey has found. On average, women change…
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Why aren’t we talking about gum disease more?
Living with gum disease is not easy. Its prevalance remains high and it can affect patients’ overall health, leading to…
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