Dental news you’ve missed this week

Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days…

UK ranks amongst best for number of oral health habitsThe UK ranked highly in good oral health habits following a worldwide survey into oral health awareness

The UK ranks highly for good oral health habits, a worldwide survey shows. It comes out on top for brushing teeth twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste (47%), followed closely by the US (40%).

Dentist voices fears over family hiding in Afghanistan

A UK-based dentist is hoping to secure his family's safe relocation from Afghanistan due to fears over the Taliban

A UK-based dentist is looking to secure his family’s safe relocation from Afghanistan due to fears over the Taliban. He describes feeling ‘hopeless’ but hopeful their family have a legitimate case for relocation.

In pictures: the South West Dentistry Show

FMC hosted the South West Dentistry Show last weekend – the first dental exhibition back. Follow the show in pictures here. Find out where your nearest Dentistry Show is at

Teledentistry ‘viable option’ to replace some in-person consultations

Tele dentistry 'viable option' to replace in-person consultations

Teledentistry is here to stay! A new study suggests teledentistry is a valid option for first stage triage and follow-up visits moving forward. Results show patients are ‘satisfied’ with the use of technology too.

Carbon neutral toothbrushes – moving closer to sustainability

Carbon neutral toothbrushes – moving closer to sustainability

A new carbon neutral toothbrush made from renewable raw materials has been launched by GSK. The Dr Best Greenclean toothbrush uses sustainable handle technology, with sustainable packaging and bristles.

Dentistry Gym – helping TMJ dysfunction and pain

Dentistry Gym

In this month’s episode of the Dentistry Gym, Khalil Hussein tries something a little bit different. He takes a look at TMJ dysfunction and pain and how dental professionals can alleviate their own pain.

Dentistry Census – the most comprehensive UK dental survey

Dentistry Census

Have you got 10 minutes to fill out the first Dentistry Census, the most comprehensive survey in UK dentistry? We want to hear from the whole profession. Make sure you take part now by simply visiting

Dentistry CPD

Dentistry CPD

Dentistry CPD is a hub of activity for new CPD content. This month Gemma O’Callaghan discusses ethical and profitable dental hygiene. Make sure you sign up and start accessing CPD for free now.

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