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More than 4.4 million children not seen by NHS dentist in the past year
New data from the Liberal Democrats has shown that more than 4.4 million children in England were not seen by…
How much attention have you paid to the dental news this week? – 29 July 2023
It’s been a busy week for dental news. Missed it? Here’s what’s happened over the past seven days… Health Secretary…
News you’ve missed this week – 20 May 2022
Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days… More than 42…
Family gets dental treatment in Brazil amidst NHS access troubles
A family doubled up their trip to Brazil to visit family with a dental appointment in the face of growing…
Only 7% in north of England say they can afford private treatment
Two fifths of those living in the UK continue to find it difficult to book an NHS dental appointment.  This…
Toothless in London – campaign for NHS dentistry comes to the capital
Another regional group has been set up in London as part of campaigners’ fight for ‘an NHS dentist for everyone’.…
‘Privilege of the few’ – politician slams NHS dental access in Scotland
Less than half of adults living in the most deprived areas in Scotland have visited an NHS dentist over the…
Dentistry Scotland
‘A national disgrace’ – dental charity to offer treatment in face of NHS access troubles
Toothless in England slammed the government as a dental charity gears up to provide treatment to those struggling to access…
Extra £50 million of funding pumped into NHS dentistry
Hundreds of thousands of new dental appointments will be made available following new funding for NHS dentistry. The money will…
Almost 1,000 dentists left the NHS last year
New data reveals that almost 1,000 dentists walked away from the NHS last year. According to Department of Health data…
Eight in 10 support the recruitment of overseas dentists
Almost two thirds of adults (58%) think NHS dentistry has deteriorated in the last decade, with 40% saying access is…
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