Why implants fail

Join Fadi Barrak on Tuesday 14 November at 7pm as he discusses why implants fail – sign up now!

This webinar, presented by Fadi Barrak, will focus on some of the main reasons behind implant failures.

Throughout the webinar, Fadi will increase awareness of key concepts of implant health and disease, while developing understanding of known reasons behind early and late implant failures. He will also discuss theories on peri-implantitis and potential advances in its prevention.

Learning outcomes

  • To be aware of the key concepts of implant health and disease
  • Understand the known reasons for early and late implant failure
  • Understand the basis for the competing theories on peri-implantitis
  • Discuss potential advances in the prevention of peri-implantitis.
Dentistry Webinar - On-demand
Why implants fail
Speaker: Dr. Fadi Barrak

Fadi Barrak

Fadi Barrak is registered as a specialist in oral surgery and he is a fellow of the International Team for Implantology (ITI). He is a senior lecturer and the course lead for the masters degree in clinical implant dentistry at the University of Central Lancashire where he is responsible for the development and delivery of the curriculum.

He graduated in dentistry from Bristol University, followed by medicine from Imperial College, London. Being dually qualified, he is also a fellow of Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) England and an affiliate of the RCS Edinburgh, having attained the diploma in implant dentistry.

Fadi has also completed training in applied occlusal principles by the international partnership for the study of occlusion which focused on full mouth rehabilitation.

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