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In this episode of Dentistry Cribs, Manrina Rhode shows off her dream clinic – a  chic, luxurious practice in the heart of Knightsbridge, London. 

Manrina Rhode graduated from Guys Hospital London in 2002 and has since become a leading cosmetic dentist in the UK.

Her state-of-the-art clinic opened in July 2022, with every element meticulously designed to elevate the patient experience.

The concept behind DRMR is ‘Be your best you’. It offers a number of different treatments and services, including cosmetic dentistry, fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, skincare, and body transformations.

She begins her Dentistry Cribs tour in her waiting room – or rather, her patient lounge.

‘As a Soho House member, I decided to base my patient lounge on one of the houses. So, I got all my furniture from Soho home.’

‘You can see these really cool chairs – they’re kind of like molars and a bit like pearls – they’re perfect for dentistry.

‘When you go into 180 house, the whole entrance area is lined with these chairs. So, at the weekend when I hang out there, I feel like I’m at work. But that’s okay, because it’s a beautiful place to be!’

A particularly exciting feature of the patient lounge is the secret door, which takes you through to the treatment coordinator (TCO) room. It offers a confidential area for the TCO to discuss treatments, as well as a photography studio for filming and taking patient images.

Over at her coffee station, she has a golden espresso machine to keep it on brand. The clinic also provides a variety of different teas, including some that are good for your mood and your skin. ‘Anything our patients could need, we aim to provide that.’

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‘Perfect space’

Her stunning, high-ceiling surgery is her favourite room in the clinic. ‘It’s literally a dream clinic, 20 years in the making. I feel like all through my career, I took little pointers and said: “In my perfect workflow, this is how things would be, this is what I want.”

‘I didn’t even know if these things existed, but I took time to find out and see if I can put them in here. And I’ve literally created the perfect space!’

At the centre of her surgery sits a Stern Weber dental chair which she sourced from Italy. Fitted with an inbuilt computer, if anything goes wrong, technicians can dial in and fix it with ease. Another valuable feature of the chair is its ability to automatically move into different positions.

Manrina also integrated a camera into the dental light which projects onto her screen. ‘Any work that I’m doing can automatically be transmitted to a Facebook Live and it’s also automatically recorded onto a USB stick. So, if patients want a recording of the work that was done in the mouth, they can have that, or if I want to refer back to it then I can.’

It’s also a huge benefit when she is teaching. ‘We wanted to create this as a perfect space as a teaching academy. And the way that I teach is with a live patient with dentists in the room around me. Everything from this camera is projected onto all three screens, and I’m miked up so they can see everything I’m doing and they can hear me.’

Rainforest bathroom

Manrina’s dedication to the patient experience is also evident in the bathroom.

Her ‘live jungle’ features jungle music, plants hanging from the ceiling and a bespoke resin floor.

‘There’s a real trend in private member’s club to have ‘Instagrammable’ bathrooms. My favourite is the jungle room at Annabel’s, so I took inspiration from there when I created my own jungle.’

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