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For this episode of Dentistry Cribs, Martina Hodgson walks us through The Dental Architect, her brand new clinic in central Leeds.

The practice’s building was built in 1876 and is situated in central Leeds. Once an old leather warehouse, Martina has incorporated leather into the interior design, including the chairs and reception desk.

Her practice also displays the building’s original neo-gothic architecture. ‘To me, it was so important to make the most of the beautiful features that are in the building.’

The interior of The Dental Architect displays a combination of brick, exposed wood, and glass. ‘I really wanted to have beautiful glass fronts to my surgeries. When I was planning the design of the clinic, I really wanted to welcome in as much light as I possible can.’

Martina also wants the patients to feel as though they are entering a coffee shop or cafe with a warm, friendly vibe, rather than a dental typical practice. The reception area has a coffee station with a beautiful granite backdrop, as well as the The Dental Architect branded coffee cups.

‘All our patients are offered fresh bean-to-cup coffee’.


In addition to the refreshments and comfortable environment, Martina also channels the ‘friendly vibe’ through communication with the patients.

‘We don’t have receptionists, we have hostesses. And the reason for that is she’s not stuck behind the reception desk the whole time.’ As a result, the ‘hostesses’ are able to chat with the patients on a much more personal level.

Other features of the clinic include two treatment coordinator rooms, a scanning room kitted with the new Itero 5D, and a digital lab.

‘I can’t wait to share with you all the exciting plans we’ve got for the future. We’re going to be putting all of the finishing touches on the practice. There’s loads of exciting things to come.’

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