Flexible dental implant treatment options with Smile in a Box

Straumann smile in a box for implant dentistry

Smile in a Box provides access to the Straumann workflow to allow flexible treatment in implant dentistry.

When providing dental implant treatment, it may feel challenging to meet the specific needs of every patient. Some patients may require a single implant, others multi-unit solutions, and some may even need full arch treatment.

If you are not set up to accommodate each of these scenarios, you may find that you need to refer some patients to ensure they get the care they need.

However, when you choose to provide dental implant treatment with Smile in a Box, you’re able to access the benefits of the Straumann digital workflow, without the need to invest in additional hardware or software.

Access Straumann workflows without the need to invest

The Smile in a Box modular outsourcing service allows you to access a number of aspects of the integrated Straumann workflow, without the need to invest in additional in-house technologies. This means that you are able to offer your patients a number of treatment options that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to, as Smile in a Box enables you to pick and choose the aspects that you need.

Begin by submitting a case to the Smile in a Box team by completing the order form and uploading your data. Next, the team at Smile in a Box can plan the implant treatment – ready for you to review and approve during a live online session. Or you have the option to create the treatment plan yourself, if you prefer.

According to the agreed plan, the team then create surgical guides and/or temporary restorations for you to approve. Smile in a Box can also take care of CAD/CAM production, and deliver all of the components to your practice in time for treatment – conveniently packaged in one place.

Flexibility to treat a range of cases

When you provide dental implants with Smile in a Box, you open up a wide range of treatment options, which may not have otherwise been available to you. Smile in a Box allows you to treat cases from single tooth to edentulous scenarios. This means that you’re able to meet the needs of many different patients, reducing the need to refer patients elsewhere for their treatment.

Additionally, you can access the Straumann Group implant portfolio. This means that you can choose between Straumann, Neodent and Anthogyr implant systems to best accommodate any patient.

Improve the patient experience

Providing dental implant treatment with Smile in a Box helps you to improve the patient experience and boost treatment acceptance by offering shorter treatment cycles and effective communication. The guided surgery workflow makes treatment simple. It improves predictability when it comes to time, costs, and treatment results. This allows you to more easily meet your patients’ expectations.

By meeting the needs of a broader range of patients, your practice will become a more attractive option for those seeking a range of dental implant options. This flexibility allows you to grow your business in a way that adapts to your situation, regardless of the investments you have made in practice. Smile in a Box gives you the freedom to establish seamless digital workflows without the need to invest in significant in-practice equipment.

Begin your digital transformation with Smile in a Box. The service allows you to experience all of the benefits of a complete digital workflow, ensuring you have control over treatment, without the need to carry out every stage in-house.

The service offers direct integration with the leading intraoral scanners, including 3Shape Trios and Virtuo Vivo, to help your workflow run smoothly.

Whether you are starting up a practice, or looking to expand, Smile in a Box can grow with you, helping you to go digital and scale up.

For more information about how Smile in a Box can improve dental implant treatment workflows in you practice, get in touch with the team today.

For more information on the Straumann Smile in a Box, visit www.straumann.com/digital/en/discover/smile-in-a-box.html.

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