Direct-to-lab milling service – optimise, don’t compromise

direct-to-lab milling service

Boost your laboratory’s capacity – and reputation – with a direct-to-lab milling service from Createch Medical and Straumann Group.

With rising costs for just about everything, businesses are having to plan for the future in a pragmatic way, including dental laboratories.

For all labs, giving dentists an exceptional level of service is always the priority. When practices receive consistently high-quality work, they are happy and their patients are satisfied, too.

When you run a successful laboratory, all your products must be excellent, but you must also offer efficiency and value. Every customer should feel they’re being well looked after, whether they send you two orders or 10.

Optimise, don’t compromise!

Despite any squeeze on your budgets, there is no room for compromise in a competitive modern market. For some time now, dental laboratories have been told about the many benefits of ‘going digital’, namely to make workflows faster, smoother and better.

The latest tech can boost productivity and enable the swift production of precise restorations that are strong and beautiful. Digital technology will elevate the work that skilled, creative and experienced technicians do. It is not there to replace, but to facilitate even better outcomes.

Going digital is the secret to growth, and how you can thrive, expand the business and increase your profits.

But the reality is, making an investment into new equipment and software may not be possible at the moment, whether this is due to money, space or both.

For forward-thinking laboratories that don’t want to buy, but also want the flexibility to choose the most convenient process for each case, Createch Medical, in association with the Straumann Group, has tailor-made solutions.

Its direct-to-lab milling service will allow you to offer high-quality products, with a variety of design options, using either a digital or conventional workflow.

Createch Medical will carry out the entire manufacturing process for your prosthesis, including measuring, design of the structures, simulation and milling, using the most advanced technology available.

Access innovation

The Straumann Group is synonymous with innovation, making this professional service from Createch Medical ideal for laboratory owners and technicians who want to take their business to a new level.

There are a range of dental framework options available, thanks to the use of Selective Laser Melting (SLM) manufacturing. Get access to 30 implant brands and over 200 implant connections, whatever is most suitable for your case.

Whatever you choose, the finish will be exceptional with a level of customer support that is second-to-none.

Feel confident about doing the very best for your dentists. There is a 10-year guarantee on Createch prosthetics too, for added peace of mind. This is a modern way to do more and maintain the integrity of your reputation and brand – all while keeping the cost to clients reasonable.

In the unlikely event that a replacement is requested, a replica can be milled from the original digital design file.

A fast-moving field

As it stands, we are nowhere near close to realising the full potential of digital dentistry, and developments are continuing to come thick and fast. This is a major reason why many dental labs have been reluctant to invest, for fear of being left behind when yet another new piece of equipment or material launches.

But the future can stay in your reach, with Createch Medical and Straumann Group. No matter what size your laboratory is, you will be connecting with pedigree companies on the cutting-edge. If your business is small in size, and you would rather remain boutique, outsourcing in this way can help you increase your capacity when you need to.

Don’t change for change’s sake – this is about the seamless integration of innovation with what you already do so well.

The challenging economic climate we’re in is exactly why this is no time for compromise. If you are rightly proud of the work you do, optimise. Createch Medical and the Straumann Group can help you consolidate your reputation, and enable you to grow and thrive.

Rather than spend on new equipment and associated materials, you can invest in other areas of the business, the elements that make you unique and the first choice for your loyal practices. Your precise and predictable products will help their patients enjoy improved oral health for many years to come.

Register for your account with Createch Medical here.

For more information on the Createch Medical direct-to-lab milling service from the Straumann Group, visit its website.

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