Zirkonzahn’s lecture tour comes to Dublin and Belfast in May

Zirkonzahn's new lecture tour

Learn more about Zirkonzahn’s lecture tour – ‘predictable and consistent results – common mistakes and solutions to overcome them successfully’.

The dental company Zirkonzahn (South Tyrol, Italy) has announced its 2024 lecture tour ‘Predictable and consistent results – common mistakes and solutions to overcome them successfully’ will be coming to several cities around the UK and Ireland throughout the year. From 14 to 15 May, the tour will reach Dublin and Belfast, answering some common questions that may arise when dealing with complex zirconia restorations.

How can I achieve a good predictable outcome when working with zirconia? What do I have to pay attention to in order to avoid common errors in the dental workflow? The dental technician Alexander Lichtmanegger (CAD/CAM expert, course instructor and member of Zirkonzahn R&D department) will draw attention to technical aspects and factors that influence the final result of a zirconia prosthesis.

By showing a real, complex case restoration, he will illustrate the challenges faced during each workflow step, from patient diagnostic to characterisation, providing keys to overcome them successfully. Special attention will be given to impression-taking, occlusion registration, passivity check and correct material selection. 

zirkonzahn lecture tour
The lecture will focus on a complex restoration 100% digitally created, starting from diagnostic analysis and complete 3D virtual reproduction of the patient’s oral and extraoral anatomy without loss in information: initial situation (left) and first digital tooth setup (right).

A well-coordinated workflow

The process of creating high-end, predictable zirconia solutions also involves a well-established communication between dental technicians, clinicians, and surgeons. For this reason, the lecturer will also focus on the latest digital diagnostic devices – a key aspect for improving communication within the treatment team and working in a totally digital environment thanks to a complete 3D virtual reproduction of patient’s oral and extra-oral situation, without distorting or losing any information.

Another important aspect for a successful restoration is a well-coordinated workflow, where all components fit perfectly together according to a precise dental technical logic. The lecturer will demonstrate how each step, from patient diagnostic to characterisation, is integrated into a smooth work process which ensures high quality standards, and a perfect coordination between all hardware, software, tools and materials. 

A well-coordinated workflow thanks to in-house production.

Finally, creating high-end zirconia solutions starts from setting standards, developing a well-established communication between dental technicians, clinicians and surgeons, training one’s manual skills, but ends with the most important step of selecting the right materials.

During the lecture, participants will discover Zirkonzahn complete range of materials for any clinical situation, with a special focus on Prettau zirconia and the new Prettau Dispersive line, specially indicated for monolithic design.

Prettau materials, high-end aesthetics for any clinical case.

For more information and registration, visit r.zirkonzahn.com/ylle or contact +39 0474 066 662[email protected].

zirkonzahn lecture tour
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