Unlocking efficiency and profitability in dental labs

Unlocking efficiency and profitability in dental labs

Anthony Gillitt discusses the power of multi-material technology in creating efficiency and profitability in dental labs.

In the ever-evolving landscape of dental technology, staying ahead of the curve is not just helpful – it’s essential. That’s where PolyJet technology comes in. Stratasys, a leader in 3D printing technology, pioneered this multi-material jetting innovation, offering dental labs a pathway to increased efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.


At the heart of PolyJet’s appeal lies its ability to 3D print different resins simultaneously, a capability that streamlines the production process, offering both flexibility and efficiency.

Imagine fabricating surgical guides, dental models and gingiva masks all on the same tray, at the same time in a single print job. With PolyJet, this isn’t just a wish – it’s a reality. PolyJet technology provides precision printing in a simple workflow, optimising resources and empowering labs to handle higher order volumes with ease.


But PolyJet’s impact extends beyond mere efficiency – it’s about precision, too. PolyJet’s fully supported printing technology encapsulates each printed application with a dedicated gel-like support material, ensuring accuracy in every dimension. There is no support scarring or decline in accuracy due to downward facing surfaces, as is prevalent with other types of 3D printing technology.

This level of precision is particularly invaluable when fitting implant models with analogs or surgical guides with metal inserts, where even the slightest deviation can have profound consequences and result in scrap. 

Streamlined processes

Once the printing is complete, the parts are removed from the build tray, fully cured and the support structure is simply washed off using a waterjet. There are no additional post processing steps required.

In addition, Stratasys GrabCAD Print software platform facilitates the production processes with automatic nesting and support generation as well as queue and fleet management. Consequently, the entire production process is streamlined, minimising the need for manual intervention, and maximising consistency.

Case study

In a recent case study, Ilan Sapir, digital treatment planning manager at Glidewell Dental Lab (US), shared his experience with this technology. Glidewell was facing surgical guide production challenges ranging from inconsistent surface results to assembly issues and they sought a solution that could improve their accuracy and capacity. 

According to Sapir, the impact of implementing Stratasys’ J3 DentaJet 3D printer, powered by PolyJet technology, was significant.

‘Not only is the productivity of the platform unmatched,’ Sapir explained, ‘but the parts are much more accurate, especially when it comes to assembly… The speed of processing is much faster than other technologies that we’ve tried.’ 

With the J3 DentaJet, Glidewell’s capacity went from peaking at 40 surgical guides in ten hours with two machines, to peaking at 100 surgical guides in eight hours, with only one machine.

‘A game-changer for dental labs’

In a competitive landscape where every advantage counts, PolyJet technology emerges as a game-changer for dental labs looking to optimise their operations and enhance profitability.

By leveraging PolyJet’s multi-material printing capabilities and fully encapsulating, easily removable support material, labs can unlock new levels of efficiency and precision, delivering superior dental solutions with unmatched speed and reliability.

So, make additive work for you. Embrace PolyJet technology and discover a world where efficiency meets profitability, where precision meets performance, and where innovation knows no bounds. With PolyJet by your side, the future of dental manufacturing has never looked brighter.

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