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This month, Alif Moosajee offers his ‘rule of two’ for ‘the big sell’ of treatment, making it honest, simple and clear for the patient.

I’m not always sure why dentists feel a pressured need to sell treatment to their patients.

By the way, I’m not in the ‘selling is bad’ brigade or ‘selling is a dirty word’ club.

I think we sell all the time. We sell value in what we do and we sell ourselves as being the people who are best at doing it. But I don’t think we need to be desperate to keep hammering that message down our patients’ throats.

We must remember that our patients come to see us because they want their mouths to be healthy. More often they want their teeth to look better and to function better too.

I think we need to remove the need to ‘close’ a case. Instead, just talk through openly, honestly and clearly about what we can do for our patients. If we leave that information with them, when patients do go ahead with treatment, I believe it’s done for the right reasons.

Please take a look at my video for this month on the ‘rule of two’. I hope it will help you to simplify the conversations that you can have with patients so that the decision-making process doesn’t get all tied up in knots and kill the patient’s want for treatment before it has even started.

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