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Managing difficult whitening cases including a guide to internal whitening
Join Alif Moosajee on Tuesday 8 November 2022 at 7pm as he discusses managing difficult whitening cases – sign up…
Aesthetic dentistry
The Smiling Dentist – the big sell
This month, Alif Moosajee offers his ‘rule of two’ for ‘the big sell’ of treatment, making it honest, simple and…
CEREC and the rise of digital dentistry – a 25 year perspective
Dr Alif Moosajee discusses the significance of digital dentistry advancement over the past 25 years, and the necessity of using…
25 Years of
The Smiling Dentist – an immediate tooth
This month, Alif Moosajee explores ‘the immediate tooth’ and how to offer this treatment to patients. Patients attend when they…
Implant dentistry
Philips announces new webinar with Alif Moosajee, helping guide new dentists
Philips has announced its latest webinar, hosted by FMC’s Dentistry Webinars, features Dr Alif Moosajee. During the webinar, titled ‘10…
Oral health
Ten top tips for a successful dental career – the secrets I wish I knew when I started out as a dentist
Join Alif Moosajee as he gives his tips for a successful dental career during a webinar at 19:00 on 22…
Young Dentist
Make the most of IPS E.max
Alif Moosajee explains why working with Ivoclar Vivadent can open up a whole new world of integrated dental products. ‘Have…
Aesthetic dentistry
Shade management in restorative dentistry
Alif Moosajee presents a restorative and tooth whitening case study that achieved a highly accurate and predicable result. 32-year-old male…
Aesthetic dentistry
The digital dentist – my origin story
Alif Moosajee reflects on how digital dentistry has impacted his career and why it has become an essential part of…
Conversations on digital dentistry
Alif Moosajee will cover getting everybody in the practice up to speed on digital dentistry during a free webinar at…
Private Practice
The digital dentist – colour in dentistry
Colour is a very important topic in dentistry. This month Alif Moosajee talks about how to get the right colour…
Aesthetic dentistry
Why digital dentistry isn’t the future
With the brakes firmly applied to hands on education at the start of lockdown, courses, lunch and learns, conferences, symposiums…
Private Practice
The digital dentist – language
In this month’s Digital Dentist column, Alif focuses on language and how dentists should plan what they say to patients.…
The digital dentist – focus
Humans are creatures of deletion. We have to be, but what does that mean? Alif Moosajee explains how to keep…
Private Practice
The digital dentist – treating children
Dr Alif Moosajee (AKA The Smiling Dentist) talks about the best way to help child patients feel more comfortable in…
The digital dentist – understanding occlusion
Dr Alif Moosajee (Aka The Smiling Dentist) tackles the topic of occlusion and why he thinks an understanding is crucial…
Conversations on implants
Alif Moosajee will discuss communicating implant treatments to patients in this free webinar on 29 April at 19:00. In this…
Implant dentistry
The digital dentist – gaining (digital) consent
Alif Moosajee (AKA The Smiling Dentist) discusses patient consent and how using digital tools can help communicate end goals with…
Dental news you’ve missed this week
Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days… Dentistry Online and…
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