Make the most of IPS E.max

Alif Moosajee explains why working with Ivoclar Vivadent can open up a whole new world of integrated dental products.

‘Have you heard of E.max? Of course, you’ve heard of E.max!’.

It’s not a bold claim by Dr Alif Moosajee, but more of a statement of fact.

If you’re performing indirect restorations in your practice, there is a high chance that you’ve either used IPS E.max CAD or been recommended it. The product is synonymous with high aesthetics and clinically proven results.

But not everyone is aware that it was created by Ivoclar Vivadent.

Offering nine types of restorations, six different block sizes, four translucency levels and 54 different shades available, IPS E.max CAD provides solutions to the majority of indirect restorations.

E.max workflow

Ivoclar Vivadent has also developed a fully integrated workflow to offer not only high aesthetics but also efficiency. This includes chairside furnaces, such as the brand new Programat CS6. This can crystallise IPS E.max CAD in just over 11 minutes. And also sinter zirconia as well.

The integrated workflow doesn’t just stop at blocks and furnaces; IPS E.max CAD allows for adhesive, self-adhesive and conventional cementation options. Depending on the type of restoration, the workflow also includes bond and cement.

Adhese Universal is universally suitable for both direct and indirect procedures and all etching protocols. It has a consistent high bond strength (>25MPa) on wet and dry dentine.

For cementation, Variolink Esthetic is an aesthetic light and dual curing luting composite that integrates seamlessly into the workflow. Available in five shades, it offers excellent shade stability. This is thanks to the patented and reactive light initiator Ivocerin, which is 100% amine-free.

With life-like fluorescence and try-in shades, Variolink Esthetic is the perfect partner for IPS E.max CAD.

Variolink Esthetic trial kits

If you are new to IPS E.max CAD or are a current user looking for ways to make the most out of the material, then get in touch with Ivoclar Vivadent for a free IPS E.max consultation with a clinical product specialist.

The first 100 dental professionals to have a consultation will receive a free Variolink Esthetic trial kit as well!

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