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Dr Alif Moosajee (Aka The Smiling Dentist) tackles the topic of occlusion and why he thinks an understanding is crucial for digital dentistryHumans are creatures of deletion. We have to be, but what does that mean? Alif Moosajee explains how to keep patients’ focus in a world of too much information.

Keeping focus

We are so inundated with a plethora of stimuli at any one given moment that it would be impossible for us to function if we had to give equal credence to all that data at any one given time.

That’s why humans have evolved to prioritise this, so that we can forget some of it. This way we can focus on areas that need dealing with as a matter of urgency.

Perhaps you found yourself in the presence of an unpalatable smell. Initially you become aware of it through your sensory organ (ie your nose). It will tell your brain that there is a bad smell and you will are well aware of it.

If you have to stay in that environment, then after a while the impulses going to your brain slow or even stop. You become less consciously aware of it because you move to a time where something else becomes more important.

The satiation of the senses and the receptors in the brain free up processing power. This way you’re able to deal with the next challenge.

In my video this week I want to show you how you can use this inane way that the brain works for your benefit.

How can you use your focus to empower you.

I hope you enjoy this video.

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