The digital dentist

Alif Moosajee (AKA The Smiling Dentist) introduces his new column where he will discuss everything about digital dentistry.

I wish to welcome you warmly to my new column on Dentistry Online.

I’m delighted to write a regular column and share insights that have helped me and might help others too.

Sharing the knowledge

I turned 40 a couple of weeks ago. So I decided that I want to do more of what makes me happy.

Human beings all have needs. Two of the most fundamental are the need to grow and the need to contribute.

People often tell me if we are not growing we are dying. Although I am 40, I hope that death is not on the horizon just yet!

I know that a desire to contribute has been core to me for much of my life. And I finally feel that I have accumulated enough knowledge and experience and feel comfortable enough in my ability as a dentist to think I may genuinely have something of value to share with my colleagues.

So, how better to reach my colleagues then by digitising my column and creating a live vehicle for my contributions.

That’s the reason for creating The Smiling Dentist Youtube channel. I will aim to post a video once a week on a number of different topics that I think is helpful not just for my colleagues but also for patients too.

I hope to share the wisdom that comes with practising dentistry for a number of years and reflecting on that practice.

Digital dentistry

I really hope you will watch my first video to get a flavour of what’s to come and also hope you look forward to more videos.

Having been involved with digital dentistry for over six years now, I’ve been privileged enough to lecture on an array of digital topics.

I will look to bring a slant on how digital dentistry has helped me within my own practice. As well as how I think it can benefit you and your patients too.

I really hope you enjoy The Digital Dentist videos and please do like, subscribe and share the videos. I really want as many people as possible to (hopefully) get something worthwhile out of the content.

Look forward to seeing you next month.

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