From multiple businesses to mentalism: the power of the mind with Jeff Salmon

In April’s episode of our podcast, Dentistry Talks, Gaby Bissett speaks to multi-business owner Jeff Salmon about his journey to success, his advice for those in business and his interest in mentalism.

This month, we have a guest whose journey spans the worlds of business, art and television – Jeff Salmon.

Hailing from East London, Jeff is not your ordinary entrepreneur. Starting off his career at prestigious auction house Sotheby’s, Salmon can now list Kate Moss, Lily Allen and Uma Thurman among his clients.

Today, he owns nine successful businesses. He is best known for his work within the art world and his appearances on Channel 4 shows Four Rooms and, more recently, Rise and Fall.

This episode sees us dive into the diverse world of Jeff Salmon, and sheds some light on the importance of the mind when we both experience success and face challenges.

Jeff also delivers a demonstration of mentalism, the art of performing magic of the mind and imagination.

You can watch on YouTube and listen on Spotify or below.

Topics include:

  • Journey into the world of art
  • Keeping control of multiple businesses
  • Career obstacles and how these were overcome
  • Advice to those starting up a business
  • TV appearances
  • Mentalism – how and why – and a demonstration!

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