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‘If you want to reach a higher level, you have to learn from someone who is already at the higher level’ – find out more about Invisalign training with Ryan Molis.

If you want to carry out the best Invisalign treatments, you need to learn from the best practitioners from the outset. So says Dr Amo Sohal, co-founder of an award-winning dental practice and Diamond Invisalign provider, speaking to FMC after attending The Big Three webinar hosted by top US Invisalign clinician Dr Ryan Molis. 

During the webinar, Dr Molis divulged three transformational practices he credits with helping to elevate his business and allow him to complete more than 7,000 solo Invisalign treatment cases. The webinar was a pre-cursor to his live, one-day Invisalign Masterclass: Unlocking Practice Growth, taking place in London on 6 June. The masterclass is designed to help dentists build on their Invisalign success.

‘A great opportunity to learn’

Dr Amo explains why he found the webinar so inspirational: ‘I have been waiting for Dr Ryan Molis to come to the UK. His training and mentoring was originally recommended to me around four or five years ago by my business partner. He had moved to the US and completed Dr Molis’ 12-month programme. He told me how much he learned from it and how beneficial it was. He’s now treating significantly more patients and treating them more efficiently.

‘As soon as I heard he was presenting a webinar I booked to attend, and when I found out that Dr Molis was coming to the UK on 6 June, I signed up immediately. Of course, I knew it would be a great opportunity to learn from him.’

Dr Amo extolled the value of learning new perspectives on Invisalign treatment from clinicians working outside of the UK, and in America specifically, where he believes dentists have treated more Invisalign patients than in the UK.

‘There seems to be more people in America doing things at an advanced level than we are here in the UK.’ 

He added that this makes it more difficult to find courses and webinars offering insights and techniques he doesn’t already know or practice.

Taking Invisalign to the next level

Of Dr Molis’ The Big Three webinar, Dr Amo explained that learning from someone in the top 1% of Invisalign practitioners in the world helped take his understanding to the next level.

‘It definitely sparked some new thinking about different ways to approach things which I just haven’t been exposed to before. Just being exposed to someone with that wealth of expertise and knowledge should fast track my learning. Key takeaways from the webinar for me were case efficiencies, set-up and communication techniques – not just efficiency for the patient, but in terms of workflows to help my team get a patient through the journey. If you want to reach the higher level, you have to learn from someone who is already at the higher level.’

Now Dr Amo is looking forward to the one-day Invisalign Masterclass being presented by Dr Molis on 6 June in London, and is particularly anticipating the insights he hopes to gain into troubleshooting difficult cases and using Invisalign Smile Architect, which he is keen to incorporate into his practice further to improve his ortho-restorative workflow.

‘I have to add, the price for the course here makes it a no brainer compared with the charges for Molis’ courses in the US (without the need to fly to America).’  

He also points out that the Masterclass is fully accredited to offer General Dental Council (GDC) continuing professional development (CPD) points, which makes it even more attractive.

What will the Invisalign masterclass include?

Session one 

Session one will equip attendees with best practices for successful Invisalign treatment. The leaning objectives for this include three simple steps to starting more Invisalign treatments. 

Also, developing confidence to discuss treatment with patients by focusing on the benefits rather than sales, and understanding how to convey the benefits of clear aligner treatments over those of other modalities. 

Session two 

Session two is designed to build doctors’ confidence in a variety of malocclusions and to give patients the best possible clinical outcomes. Delegates will learn how to predictably move an upper lateral into an ideal position every time, as well as treatment planning for a range of malocclusions, including a diastema, a deep bite, a lower angles incisor, an anterior open bite, and anterior and posterior cross bites. 

Dr Molis will also cover predictably moving first molars, expansion and eight steps to fixing and preventing a posterior open bite. The session will also focus on ‘difficult’ cases, ClinCheck planning and modifications, and utilising additional aligners.

The complete day, which takes place on Thursday 6 June at Leonardo Royal St Paul’s, London, also includes Live ClinCheck reviews, networking refreshment breaks and a buffet lunch plus a drinks reception and an evening meal. 

Invisalign Masterclass: Unlocking Practice Growth agenda (6 June)

  • 9am-9.30am: Registration and welcome refreshments
  • 9.30am-9.45am: Welcome and introductions by Evren Köksal
  • 9.45am-11.15am: Session one with Dr Ryan Molis
  • 11.15am-11.30am: Coffee break
  • 11.30am-1pm: Session two with Dr Ryan Molis
  • 1pm-2pm: Networking buffet lunch
  • 2pm-3.15pm: Session two continued with Dr Ryan Molis
  • 3.15pm-3.30pm: Coffee break
  • 3.30pm-4.30pm: Live ClinCheck reviews
  • 4.30pm-5pm: Closing remarks by Evren Köksal
  • 6pm-6.30pm: Networking drinks with Dr Ryan Molis
  • 6.30pm-9pm: Evening dinner with Dr Ryan Molis and members of the Invisalign team.

If you missed Dr Molis’ webinar it is available on demand at

All Masterclass tickets include the educational sessions and food and refreshments throughout the day, plus the evening drinks reception and dinner with Dr Molis.  

For more information and to book your place go to: Invisalign Masterclass: Unlocking Practice Growth –

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