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From multiple businesses to mentalism: the power of the mind with Jeff Salmon
In April’s episode of our podcast, Dentistry Talks, Gaby Bissett speaks to multi-business owner Jeff Salmon about his journey to…
From NHS to mixed practice
Practice owner Amit Jilka shares his success story with the mixed practice model in this edition of the Business of…
NHS to Private
Dentistry Talks podcast: let’s talk about s*x with Dr Naomi Sutton
In this episode of Dentistry Talks, we speak to Dr Naomi Sutton about why conversations on sexual health are crucial…
Breaking down barriers to converting from NHS to private
In this podcast, Michelle Hardy from Practice Plan busts some common myths surrounding barriers to converting from NHS to private…
NHS to Private
Dentistry Podcast – Nina Shaffie talks all things orthodontics
We’re back with another episode of the Dentistry Podcast – today, we chat to Nina Shaffie about all things orthodontics. …
Dentistry Podcast – Stevie Potter on representing Great Britain
Gaby Bissett is joined by Stevie Potter, a dentist, performance coach and triathlete representing Great Britain. In this episode of…
Dentistry Podcast – Manrina Rhode on why the future lies in aesthetic dentistry
Manrina Rhode joins Gaby Bissett for a conversation about the evolution of aesthetic dentistry and why it is important it…
Aesthetic dentistry
NHS to private – Louise Bone’s top tips for team retention and recruitment
Louise Bone talks about the latest recruitment troubles in dentistry and what practices can do to retain – and attract…
NHS to Private
Company spotlight – how to master your Invisalign business
Sandeep Kumar opens up about his journey into Invisalign, his new business course and offers up his top tips for…
Private Practice
What does the dental landscape look like in Scotland?
Louise Bone shares an update on the current dental landscape in Scotland and how it is impacting recruitment. With more…
Dentistry Scotland
Dentistry Podcast – Christian Coachman on becoming a household name in dentistry
In the latest episode of Dentistry Podcast, we chat to Dr Christian Coachman about his beginnings as a lab technician…
Company Spotlight – Martin Lawrence on the impact of inflation
Martin Lawrence, director of investments at Wesleyan, discusses the ins and outs of inflation and investments.  From avoiding the impact…
Dentistry Podcast – Sameer Patel kicks off new series
We’re back with a brand new series of the Dentistry Podcast. Over the coming weeks we will bring you exclusive…
Private Practice
Company Spotlight – Thomas Dickson on ethical investing
Thomas Dickson reveals all on ESG investing and how investors can make sure they are actually putting their money into…
Company Spotlight – why might a dentist take out a tax loan?
In this week’s episode we dig deep into the world of finance and all of the options available to dentists. …
Dentistry podcast – Neil Carmichael on the future of dentistry
In the latest episode of Dentistry Podcast, we welcome Neil Carmichael to talk about the NHS contract and where dentistry…
NHS to Private – Zoe Close on why the time is now
We hear from Zoe Close who hammers home why now is the time to take the step into private practice. …
NHS to Private
NHS to Private – Nigel Jones on NHS targets and contract reform
Nigel Jones shares his views on the current dental landscape, where the profession is heading and the questions surrounding contract…
NHS to Private
Dentistry podcast – Lottie Manahan on sustainable dentistry
Lottie Manahan shines a light on sustainable dentistry and shares her top tips for practices. In the latest episode we…
Oral health
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