Dentistry Talks podcast: let’s talk about s*x with Dr Naomi Sutton

In this episode of Dentistry Talks, we speak to Dr Naomi Sutton about why conversations on sexual health are crucial in dentistry.

In this first episode of our podcast relaunch, editor Gaby Bissett talks with Dr Naomi Sutton. A graduate of Sheffield Medical School, she now works as a consultant physician for the NHS, specialising in sexual health services at Rotherham.

Driven by a passion for education and reducing stigma, Dr Sutton has dedicated her career to raising awareness of sexual health. Her commitment extends beyond the medical field and into the world of media – some of you may recognise her from E4’s The Sex Clinic, a programme offering ‘sexual MOTs’, STI tests and treatment.

Get ready to gain valuable insights into the world of sexual health and why this is so important in dentistry.

You can watch on YouTube and listen on Spotify or below.

Topics include:

  • Why is sexual health so important in dentistry?
  • What sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are on the rise?
  • When is it the business of dental professionals to talk to patients about STIs – and when isn’t it?
  • How can dental professionals bring up these conversations with patients?

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