The power of positive thinking in dentistry


Always consider positive mental thinking, particularly when you return to the dental laboratory and creating a new way of working.

You will likely have heard the phrase ‘success is a state of mind’.

It is generally based on the concept that achieving success is subjective. You set your own targets and you determine when you have met your goals.

The phrase is also used to encourage a positive attitude by adopting a productive and proactive approach. You can apply this to many different aspects of life. From your personal relationships and accomplishments to your career progression and business performance.

Our mindset is particularly important given the turbulence we have all experienced this year. Dwelling on the negatives – other than briefly reviewing them to make improvements – will do little to bring happiness or triumphs in the near future.

Instead, we should envision where we want to be and what we want to achieve. We should focus on how we can realise those aspirations.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time take this approach.

In a 1995 interview, the late Steve Jobs suggested that the difference between people who lived extraordinary lives and everyone else was simply that they believed they could do great things. He is by no means alone in advocating the power of positive thinking and unwavering passion in the quest to create something new and follow a dream.

The dental entrepreneur

So, can we apply some of this entrepreneurial mindset in the dental laboratory, despite these strange and challenging times?

Well, using the logic of people behind some of the biggest brands in the world, it is in the face of adversity that we have the greatest opportunity to change, adapt and thrive.

Be creative

Life in the dental laboratory has changed and many new protocols are here to stay.

Use this as a chance to get creative and find new ways of doing things that streamline workflows and diversify your offerings. Or, boost job satisfaction for your team.

Have fun with it, just make sure improvements are tangible.

Engage with others

Many of us may have felt isolated and alone this year. That doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to developing your dental lab.

Speak to your team and other colleagues. Seek their opinions and find out if they have any fresh and pioneering ideas that you could implement.

By surrounding yourself with passionate and intelligent people, you will gain all the inspiration and support you need to move forwards.

This article was first commissioned for Laboratory magazine. You can read the latest issue of Laboratory magazine here.

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