Business Expert – positive mindset and clear goals

business expert – positive mindset in dentistryA positive mindset and setting clear goals is the key to running a successful dental practice, Jaswinder Gill suggests.

You can see I have set my destination, when I get there is irrelevant. I want to know I am going in the right direction. Make sure you have set your direction and your team are aware of it. All your goals will stem from this.

I believe you will always move closer to your vision, if you have both the following tools in place.

1. A positive growth mindset

This is arguably the single most important factor between success and failure. You must believe in yourself.

‘Those who say they can and those who say they can’t, are both right’. ‘If you have the will to do, you will do’. ‘A positive attitude gives you altitude’.

There are so many quotes like this. But you need to be the right person, with the right mindset if you want to achieve your goals.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by doing affirmations every morning that are linked to your goals. Some of my affirmations are below, and remember that they need to be in the present tense: ‘I will achieve whatever I set out to do’; ‘I am an inspiring leader who will empower my team’.

The world’s most famous affirmation is international boxing champion Mohammed Ali’s – ‘I am the greatest’.

Imagine the fear that went through his opponent when he said that. Ali had already won the fight before he got in the ring, because he had a positive mindset and believed in himself.

2. Set written goals

Once you have set your vision, your dream in place, and you have the right attitude, you need to set goals to achieve this vision.

Great winners have crystal clear goals. If you were to ask me what the most important thing about setting goals is, I would say it’s to write them down and have a date by when you are going to achieve them.

The simple act of deciding when you’ll achieve a goal sets in motion conscious and unconscious forces in the brain to make your goals a reality.

You should visualise them everywhere, so you are always thinking about them. Whether it is on a calendar, checklist or any other way that suits you. It should be present and visible.

Some of my past goals include:

  • Achieve Invisalign Diamond in 2021 by doing 15 cases a month
  • To do a cashflow forecast for the next 12 months and update monthly by June 2021
  • To have a staff appraisal scheme in place linked to staff salaries by March 2021
  • Hit the gym five times a week by June 2021 (personal goal).

All the above have been achieved because they were written down, constantly reviewed, had a target date set, were specific, were all measurable and I knew they were achievable.

What will your goals be to achieve your vision and when will you achieve them by? Do you have the right mindset to achieve them? They can be financial (revenue/cash/profit), marketing (sales/customers), operations (systems) or personal.

Achieving your goals

The three main reasons for not achieving your goals are putting the blame on others, denying that there is a problem and making excuses.

I regularly witness people not measuring their marketing return of investment. Every single time the results are a lot lower than expected. For example, how much are you spending on marketing Invisalign a month? How much return is it bringing? Is it the goal of 10:1? If not, make a plan on how it will be the following month.

I also see people focusing on turnover and not looking at cash in the bank, therefore denying the problem.

I hear blame all the time, for example ‘August and December are always quiet months because everyone is on holiday’. If that is the case, then why are they my busiest months? It’s all about planning ahead and setting targets to achieve your goals.

I hear excuses like these all the time

  • No time to do it. Solution – diarise a time for it in advance
  • It’s hard work. Solution – I have told you how
  • Don’t know how to do it. Solution – you do now
  • Hasn’t worked in the past. Solution – have a positive mindset.

Take ownership of all problems, be accountable for what has happened and take responsibility when things go wrong, because they will.

By reviewing your systems and amending any relevant required changes, you will prevent a re-occurrence of the problem.

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Do you really want to do the same thing over and over again? Or do you want to make a change and get different, potentially better results?

It’s only when you step out of your comfort zone that the magic happens.

If you are currently one of those who repeat habits that aren’t providing results, don’t worry! It is very common.

Usually, people get into that pattern because they are blocked by the most powerful emotion, which is fear. This is only overcome by learning new skills and techniques. Not just clinical skills, there is so much more.

By expanding your skillset, you will have newfound confidence to achieve your vision via your goals. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Creating a positive mindset

I now spend 12 hours a week on clinical dentistry. The majority of which is Invisalign, because it is what I am passionate about and produces the best hourly rate.

The rest of my time is involved in teaching and inspiring as many of my colleagues as possible. I take pleasure in helping others achieve that work-life balance, so they are not working all evening and thriving, not just surviving.

I hope this article was useful to you. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with my team on [email protected] or pop over to our website at for further information.

This article is just one section of what I teach at my seminar, that enables the average delegate to quadruple their Invisalign case numbers.

I believe, the definition of a real business is a commercial, profitable enterprise that can work without you. Over the next 12 months, each article I publish will help you enhance your time management and work/life balance.

‘If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things’ – Albert Einstein.

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