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cosmos resin straumannStraumann introduces its Cosmos Resin, which will help offer dental laboratories the ultimate cost-effectiveness with wide-ranging applications.

The key to success in dental technology is ensuring the satisfaction of your clients.

This involves many different factors from the quality of products you produce to the turnaround times you meet, the range of services you offer and the extra mile you go to support clinicians and their patients.

Sometimes, it can seem like clients are asking for a lot. But the reality is often that they are facing higher demands from patients and therefore need more from you.

To meet these standards, technology is very important. More than this, though, the materials selected to work with these technologies, as well as the skills of the technical team, will ultimately determine the success of the lab business.

Pieces in a puzzle

Take 3D printing. Many people and companies are currently promoting the benefits of 3D printing for dental applications, of which there are several.

For example, 3D printing can deliver highly accurate products. From bite splints to surgical guides, temporary restorations, denture teeth or bases and models.

It can also often achieve this in less time than conventional methods, with a more streamlined workflow and greater efficiency. Plus, the digitised procedure optimises reproducibility for the reliable consistency that clinicians need from their labs.

However, all these advantages are the result of several elements. And we’re not just talking about the quality, capacity and speed of the 3D printer, either.

The skills and experience of the team will impact the precision of the workflow and how well the technology is utilised. They will often need comprehensive training in order to maximise return on investment – both in terms of daily operation and maintenance.

Another important cog in the wheel of a successful business is the collaboration between dentist and dental technician.

This will likely rely on regular and open communication. As well as mutual respect and an understanding of the professional workflow on either end.

Effective collaboration is essential for ensuring that technicians fabricate the very best products for each patient. Even with the most advanced technology and talented team in the world, a lab cannot deliver exceptional work without the right information from the clinician.

The final piece to the puzzle is the material.

In any area of dentistry, material selection will influence the durability, aesthetics and function of products created; in turn affecting clinician and patient satisfaction significantly.

When it comes to 3D printing, resin materials are the key to success.

The key to resin material selection

Resin 3D printing uses photopolymerisation to fabricate objects. This is a chemical reaction to a liquid – photopolymer – that changes properties in the presence of light and solidifies.

Objects are manufactured in layers, with the light source activating the resin material as it comes into contact with the build plate.

The platform moves to allow the liquid resin to come through and form new layers. It keeps layering until it fabricates the product according to the design.

Though there are some limitations to the process, including challenges with manufacturing volume, design restrictions and considerable equipment costs, there are various advantages.

These include highly detailed products, smooth object surfaces, speed and cost-efficiency for certain applications.

The resin materials are, therefore, important to ensure the very best results. They can determine the strength and durability of products. As well as the accuracy and replicability of the manufacturing process.

They also need it to be flexible enough to meet the demands of different cases and with the technology brand you have in-lab, while promoting a simple workflow.

Cosmos Resin has been developed specifically to meet these demands and to perform with most common 3D orienting technologies.

The solutions available provide reliable 3D printing outcomes for a variety of cases. The Cosmos Resins Universal portfolio offers ultimate cost-effectiveness with comprehensive applications.

Embedding the simplicity and versatility of a universal solution, Cosmos Resin Universal is a biocompatible material formulated for precision and reliability in both intra- and extra-oral applications, including surgical guides, indirect bonding trays, bite splints, denture bases and teeth, temporary restorations, dental models, castables and more.

As a Straumann Group brand in the UK, you can rest assured that it offers the flexural strength, viscosity and elasticity needed for robust quality control and total peace of mind for you and your clients.

Only the best

To maintain high quality standards with simple workflows and cost-efficient processes, several factors need considering within your lab.

When it comes to resin 3D printing, the resin material will make a significant difference to your outcomes. So be sure to make the right choice and only work with the best.

When you do, you can print the universe for your clients.

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