Dental news you’ve missed this week

Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days…

Complaint made to GDC against CDO Sara Hurley’s title

A dentist has filed a complaint against chief dental officer Sara Hurley for referring to herself as a 'professor'

Are we now entering silly season following the COVID-19 lockdown? A dentist has filed a complaint to the GDC after Sara Hurley referred to herself as a ‘professor’. The dentist described this as ‘the singularly most abhorrent breach in this area that I have had to witness in a 30-year career.’ Whatever you think of the way Sara Hurley has worked during the pandemic, surely this isn’t the best way to react at this time?

Freeze NHS patient charges, says dental charity

The UK government is being confronted by calls to freeze NHS dental patient charges in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

One campaign that I do approve of though comes from the Oral Health Foundation. In an open letter to Matt Hancock MP, the foundation is calling for a freeze to all dental charges in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of appointments have been missed during lockdown, and with many people furloughed and others losing their job altogether, it’s only right to remove this barrier to treatment.

Will dentistry survive a financial crash?

financial crash from COVID-19

Will dentistry survive a financial crash? That’s the question John Clarke is answering as he looks at the financial legacy of the pandemic.

Could poor oral hygiene increase the risk of COVID-19 infection?

In a new paper, Victoria Sampson looks into how better oral health care could reduce the risk of complications from COVID-19

This week we found out how poor oral hygiene increases the risk of COVID-19 infection. It’s obvious dentistry will have a key role to play in the nation’s recovery. So making practices accessible and safe for patients is key.

Temperature screening ‘unreliable’ method of COVID-19 detection, says government

The government is urging the UK to use temperature screening products with caution

MHRA has warned there is little evidence to support temperature screening as a reliable method of detection.

Could UVC lighting reduce fallow time in dental practices?


But it does appear UVC lighting could reduce the necessary fallow time for dental practices.

10 steps back to practice after COVID-19

communication with PPE

To help with a smooth return, we’re pulling together a 10 steps back to practice after COVID-19 series. Leaders around the profession will touch on 10 separate areas practices might want to consider. This week:

Life in dentistry with autism

autism concept

In one of our eye-opening long reads this week we heard from Dominic O’Hooley about his life in dentistry with autism.

Making the jump from dental nurse to dentist

Laura Maddison talks to Dentistry Online about her journey from dental nurse to dentist

And Laura Maddison spoke to us about her journey from dental nurse to dentist, and why it’s all been worth it.

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