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Concerns over waiting list ‘to leave NHS dentistry’ in Northern Ireland
Dentists are increasingly leaving the NHS in Northern Ireland (NI), according to the British Dental Association (BDA), with work down…
NHS in crisis
Cost of cigarettes encouraging smokers to quit, says study
The increasing cost of a pack of cigarettes is encouraging one in four adults in England to give up smoking…
Health & research
More than 80 dentists claim interest for delayed COVID business interruption payouts
A group of 84 dentists have been awarded more than £380,000 from insurers as a result of delayed COVID-19 business…
Data reveals negative impact of cost of living crisis on attitudes to dentistry
Newly released data has demonstrated the impact of the cost of living crisis on the UK public’s perception of dentistry…
How much attention have you paid to the dental news this week? – 4 November 2023
It’s been a busy week for dental news. Missed it? Here’s what’s happened over the past seven days… Complaints about…
‘Impressive opportunities’ – how one dental group is standing out from the rest
Dr Almutaz Khair reveals how his journey has been with Damira Dental so far – and why it stands out…
COVID-19 inquiry’s omission of dentistry sparks outrage
Members of the dental profession in the UK have expressed outrage that dentistry has been omitted from the COVID-19 inquiry.…
The problem of alcohol misuse in dentistry
Jade Campbell discusses the problem of alcohol misuse amongst both patients and dental professionals, and the benefits of taking part…
Is teledentistry effective and is it here to stay?
Teledentistry is an effective way to conduct appointments, according to a new study – but faces significant barriers in the…
Research demonstrates impact of COVID-19 on the oral microbiome
An observational study into the effect of COVID-19 on the oral microbiome has found that severe cases led to a…
Oral health
NHS dentistry may not fully recover, BDA warns
Following the NHS Dental Statistics 2022/23 published today, the British Dental Association (BDA) has warned that there is no prospect…
Introduction to teledentistry and its benefits
Khad Shah discusses the benefits of teledentistry and how practices can use virtual appointments in dentistry. The COVID-19 pandemic led…
AI & technology
‘It’s good to give back’ – the dentist helping to tackle NHS dental waiting lists
  Prakash Promod, the clinical director at Alban City Dental and Surgical Centre, opens up about his experience working within…
Dentistry ‘hit hardest’ by COVID-19 within NHS in Scotland
Professionals have warned that the COVID-19 pandemic led to an ‘unparalleled impact’ on NHS dentistry in Scotland, leaving the service…
Dentistry Scotland
Obesity ‘bigger health impact than COVID-19’ long term, says health leader
The long-term effects of obesity could be more harmful than the impact of COVID-19, a public health director has said.…
Oral health
Sara Hurley, chief dental officer for England, to stand down
Chief dental officer Sara Hurley will stand down this summer, NHS England announced today. England’s CDO Sara Hurley is stepping…
One third of surveyed dental students ‘had severe depression during pandemic’
More than half of dental students in a newly-released study presented moderate or severe levels of depression. Results showed that…
Young Dentist
Almost one quarter of five year olds in England experienced dental decay last year
The dental profession is calling for urgent change after a new study reveals there has been no improvement in decay…
Oral health
Did you make a Covid business interruption claim? You may be owed more money
We speak to Jeffrey Salmon about how he and the team at Salmon Assessors believe many dental practices who made…
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