Helen Flanagan pursues cosmetic orthodontics for second time

Helen Flanagan has undergone cosmetic orthodontic treatment to correct a misalignment.

The Coronation Street actor revealed on her Instagram account that she had a lingual fixed orthodontic appliance placed.

Cosmetic orthodontics

Helen previously underwent clear orthodontic aligner treatment in 2015 to correct her original misalignment.

Following successful treatment, the actor’s dentist placed a fixed lingual wire to aid alignment retention.

However, Helen’s fixed lingual retainer recently broke, causing her teeth to misalign once again, and prompting her to seek a second cosmetic orthodontic resolution.


‘I never smile showing my teeth!’ the 26-year-old actress explained.

‘My teeth used to be perfectly straight until my retainer broke and before I realised they had moved too much.

‘Had my brace put on today at the back of my teeth and I can’t wait to have my straight teeth back’.

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