Brand power beats celebrity endorsements when it comes to oral health purchasing habits

Brand power is the key selling point when it comes to our oral health, a new study has shown.

Despite many companies spending significant money on celebrity endorsements, only 20% of people are influenced by them.

This compares with 41% of people who are influenced based on brand power, 24% influenced by cost and 23% influenced by a dental professional.

‘Instagram feeds, Youtube channels and Facebook pages are often filled with celebrity endorsements for products, so it’s very interesting to understand just how this is influencing behaviour.’ Dr Ben Atkins, dentist and trustee of the Oral Health Foundation who undertook the survey, said.

‘There is no doubt that by using a celebrity’s profile, products can get a helping hand in reaching more people.

‘Over recent years, I have certainly seen a growth in my own dental practice of patients seeking my advice about new products, which they have seen backed by a celebrity endorsement.

‘One very recent example here is of charcoal toothpaste as an avenue to whiten teeth – the effectiveness of which has been completely disproven.

‘Despite the wave of celebrities on social media being paid to endorse them, consumers are still putting more trust into proven and professionally recommended products.’

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