Robbie Hughes treats Liverpool footballers, Imogen the Ibiza Weekender and Gaz from Geordie Shore

Liverpool football legend, Roberto Firmino, with what appears to be 20 B1 veneers
Imogen Townley

Robbie Hughes, owner of Dental Excellence ( is reported to be the clinician behind the restorative and aesthetic dental treatment of a string of famous sports people and celebrities in the Liverpool area.

According to his Instagram account, consenting-to-exposure patients include Liverpool footballers Roberto Firmino, Philippe Coutinho, Sadio Mané plus a whole host of reality stars including Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle and Ibiza Weekender Imogen Townley.

He said: ‘Everything is aesthetically driven in what we do because that’s what people want, so it is only right we create an environment where people want to be and for them to enjoy spending their time with us and enjoy the journey alongside the dentist. The way we have built our clientele means people are now coming with more of an idea about what they want, as they may have seen a smile on someone they follow.’

As the undisputable king of Geordie Shore, Gaz Beadle started with great teeth and he’s still got his gleaming white teeth. However, the hunk is best known for bedding more than 1,000 women and has had his fair share of drama with his ex Charlotte. But when things calmed down, Gaz has actually been putting plenty of effort into building his business empire, investing his cash in Pure Beach Club in Zante and releasing the book Ultimate Lad.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale are two high profile footballers who have had their aesthetic dental treatment to improve their looks.

Philippe Coutinho grew up in Rio de Janeiro, where it is common for any Brazilian kid to have poor teeth without proper access to a good dentist. So, as soon as he hit the big time, he got his teeth whitened and he regularly smiles with more confidence towards journalists in press conferences and on social media.

Roberto Firmino, the Liverpool striker is about to play two of the most important games in his career as Liverpool take on Roma in the Champion’s League semi-final.

Liverpool striker Sadio Mané
ex-Liverpool legend Philippe Coutinho – now with Barcelona
Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle
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