Female cosmetic patients seeking Trump-like treatments

Women are using non-surgical facial aesthetics to emulate Ivanka and Melania Trump, according to an article in the Guardian

Cosmetic surgeon, Norman Rowe, based in Manhattan, NY, says that once a week patients visit him hoping to copy Ivanka and Melania’s features.

Some female patients,  Rowe claims, are spending up to £30,000 on botulinum toxin and dermal filler treatments, and up to £37,000 for more invasive procedures such as rhinoplasty and cheek implants.

Influence on the UK

He said that in the 10-plus years he has been practising, he has seen trends of celebrity faces come and go – particularly for female patients.

‘Everybody wanted to look like Angelina Jolie’, he says.

‘Then people wanted to go for a Jennifer Aniston look – softer.

‘Then it was Jennifer Lopez – fuller features.’

Recent celebrity influences have come from the Kardashians, ‘where people want [strong] brows, strong cheekbones, larger lips – more exaggerated features’, Esho told the Guardian.

Celebrity trends

New York cosmetic surgeon, Alan Matarasso, said that celebrity trends have a lot to do with the celebrity’s exposure in the media, and admits to seeing an increase in patients wishing to look like the Trumps.

‘There’s no question that whenever an attractive, popular figure appears in the media a lot, you will get this,’ he said.

‘It’s not exclusive to these two women, but [they] are front and centre now.

‘It’s human nature’.

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