Nadia Sawalha receives botulinum toxin treatment for bruxism

Nadia Sawalha has revealed that she has undergone treatment with botulinum toxin to relieve bruxism, a condition that has caused her to lose a tooth.

The Loose Women presenter revealed on the programme: ‘I grind my teeth so badly, front and back and to the side’, before stating that she has undergone treatment with botulinum toxin to treat her bruxism habit.

‘I have to have Botox injected into the muscle, otherwise I have already lost one tooth through grinding and I could potentially lose all my teeth’, she said.

Nadia revealed that she undergoes botulinum toxin injection treatments ‘about every six months, but it doesn’t stop it.’

Botox for bruxism

Clinical studies have shown that botulinum toxin injections can reduce the frequency of bruxism events, decrease bruxism-induced pain levels and satisfy patients’ self-assessment with regard to the effectiveness of botulinum toxins on bruxism (Long et al, 2012).

Long et al’s evidence-based review goes on to state that, in comparison with oral splint, botulinum toxins are equally effective on bruxism, and are safe to use, and can therefore be used clinically for otherwise healthy patients with bruxism.


Long H, Liao Z, Wang Y, Liao L, Lai W (2012) Efficacy of botulinum toxins on bruxism: an evidence-based review. Int Dent J 62(1): 1-5


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