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A global celebration of perio after the pause of the pandemic
Professor Phoebus Madianos, chair of Europerio10, talks about what we can expect at this year’s congress. What are the highlights…
Implant dentistry
What to expect (when your patients are expecting)
Charlotte Wake takes a closer look at the associations between pregnancy, perio and the little-known Kawasaki disease. As we find…
Oral health
How COVID-19 has changed the perio landscape
With patients coming back to dental practices after months away, Gamze Eroglu explores how the lockdown has changed the perio…
Oral health
Do you prioritise perio?
Leo Briggs, deputy head of the DDU, says dental professionals have a critical role in ensuring periodontal problems are picked…
New research standards set on tooth loss
A huge success and leap forward for dental science, this year’s Perio Workshop outcomes were the result of a significant…
Oral health
Perio Master Clinic 2017 to be held in Malta
Due to recent world events, the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) has moved its Perio Master Clinic 2017 to the…
Oral health
European perio societies unite to promote gum health
The European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) is delighted to report an excellent level of activity across Europe in support of…
Oral health
Getting passionate about perio
Oxford’s dreaming spires provided the perfect backdrop for this year’s British Society of Periodontology’s (BSP) Spring Meeting. With a focus…
Oral Health Features
Why aren’t we talking about gum disease more?
Living with gum disease is not easy. Its prevalance remains high and it can affect patients’ overall health, leading to…
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