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Occlusion success in restorative and aesthetic dentistry
Join Dominic Hassall on Wednesday 6 December at 7pm as he discusses occlusion success in restorative and aesthetic dentistry. Lack…
Digital occlusion control with the Bausch OccluSense
Join Mina Niknazemi on Thursday 7 September at 7pm as she discusses digital occlusion control with the Bausch OccluSense. The…
AI & technology
Digital management of functional occlusion
Isaac Tawil, Scott Ganz and Michael Erdos investigate the digital management of functional occlusion utilising digital pressure-sensing registration. Abstract The…
The last occlusion course you will ever need
In his first UK appearance since 2019, Dr Barry Glassman is returning to the UK this year to lead a…
Occlusion a review and its relevance to implant dentistry
Join Graham Stokes as he discusses occlusion and its relevance to dental implants during a webinar on the 18 May.…
Implant dentistry
Prosthodontips – occlusion revisited: part two
We continue the occlusion theme in this month’s Prosthodontips as the Josh Sharpling and Zo Ali discuss static and dynamic…
Prosthodontips – occlusion revisited: part one
In this Prosthodontips column, Zohaib kicks off a many series where he takes a closer look at occlusion and discusses…
Prosthodontips – restoration of a lower second molar
This month’s prosthodontips is about a common clinical scenario that can very easily catch you out; restoration of a lower…
Prosthodontips – what’s the solution to occlusion confusion?
In this month’s Prosthodontips, Josh Sharpling and Zo Ali explore the confusing area of occlusion, when problems occur and when…
Prosthodontips – canine guidance or group function?
In this month’s Prosthodontips, Josh Sharpling and Zohaib Ali cover the thorny subject of occlusion and whether to restore by…
Occlusion, do I really need to bother?
Malcolm Edwards explains why occlusions don’t have to be complex. I am often asked this question, and some dentists manage…
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