Challenges and opportunities in corporate tooth whitening

tooth whitening in mydentist practices

Megan Fairhall talks about her portfolio career and the new challenge of growing mydentist’s tooth whitening offering.

The UK’s largest dental care provider – mydentist – offered me the opportunity to work on its national tooth whitening programme earlier this year. The programme aimed to grow the tooth whitening offering within the business which is an exciting project to be a part of.

I was delighted by the invitation and mydentist’s belief that my contribution will be important. As a clinician at mydentist I can appreciate how the company works, with both its challenges and opportunities.

I was also invited to become a clinical advisory board member for the organisation. This gives me an even further in-depth awareness of its vision and tools available to bring this to fruition.

As an experienced whitening clinician at mydentist, I am in an ideal position to give sound advice and guidance. This creates change across their network of approximately 550 practices. I have a long-term relationship with Philips as a key opinion leader. This, along with the tooth whitening courses I run for them, also perfectly fitted with mydentist’s corporate partnership with Philips.

‘I am excited to create positive change’

I am delighted to say that we have received very positive feedback from mydentist practices. They have gained an in-depth knowledge of how to manage their whitening cases, tailoring the treatments to each patient individually. This obtains the best possible results, which has led to a stream of further recommendations and referrals. Happy patients will undoubtedly spread the word.

Philips recently developed a special whitening toolkit and protocol to bolster mydentist’s whitening programme. This has also provided a great opportunity for every member of the team to receive education on whitening and learn about how to make the whole whitening process as smooth and streamlined as possible.

It feels like this is the moment in my career I have been working towards. I am excited to create positive change within the biggest corporate in the UK.

Alyssa Corbett – assistant manager, mydentist Gloucester

Assistant manager Alyssa Corbett at mydentist in Gloucester commended enthusiastically about the enhanced whitening programme. She said: ‘We are a large 17-surgery practice offering both NHS and a wide range of private and cosmetic treatments, ranging from fixed braces and Invisalign to crowns, root canal treatments, bridges and veneers. In surgery, and home whitening forms a very important part of the restorative treatment pathway.

‘Dr Naiz Khan often bundles whitening with his restorative treatments. We find our whitening offering really incentivises patients to go ahead with treatments such as Invisalign because it is part and parcel of creating the perfect smile.

‘This new whitening programme has provided us with superbly defined protocols which has really improved our practice workflow. Every team member received training to be able to talk about whitening, explain the benefits of both chairside and take-home options, and describe the whole treatment journey. They can also talk about the finance options, should this be required.

‘The whitening journey becomes as easy as possible’

‘We now all have much better knowledge of processes and timings, which makes us a lot more efficient for the benefit of our patients. Basically everything has been put into place so that the whitening journey becomes as easy as possible for patients to understand and undergo, according to their personal circumstances and lifestyle.

‘The reception desk team is trained to offer a whitening consultation if prospective patients need more advice and guidance – or express an interest in pursuing treatment. We have also introduced the use of shade guides during routine check-ups, and that works well to get people talking about whitening.

‘Having access to a variety of treatment options is very important as we like to give people options. We have Zoom in-chair whitening available for people who want fast results and NiteWhite and DayWhite take home kits for patients who prefer the convenience whitening more gradually over a period of time. Having Philips oral healthcare products on display in the practice is also a huge benefit. The name is a trusted and it is a well-respected brand, so patients embrace it without needing any reassurance.’

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