Is social media damaging in dentistry?

Kunal Rai discusses the use of social media in the dental profession, including both advantages and disadvantages, and how to use it effectively. 

Kunal Rai discusses the use of social media in the dental profession, including both advantages and disadvantages, and how to use it effectively. 

Social media is a powerful tool in any industry; dentistry is no exception. If used correctly through the offerings of different platforms, it can help grow your business and retain patients.

I believe social media can add excellent value in dentistry in the areas of networking, education, marketing and recruitment.

What is social media in dentistry good for?

Social media in dentistry has many advantages and is not limited to the following:

Mental health

Dentistry can appear to be an isolated role and often lead to mental health issues.

Social media can help build a community for dentists to interact with each other from all around the world, preventing the feeling of isolation and, in the process, help maintain good mental health.

Marketing and self promotion

It is also an excellent marketing tool to self-promote your practice and your work – from organically connecting with patients and potential patients to paid ads.

Dentists no longer need to spend hours contacting agencies or going through dental magazines for job opportunities. Practices are making use of social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram to advertise dental roles.

It also provides a cost effective approach to prospective dentists by offering a virtual tour of the practice before they apply.

Announcements and practice updates

In addition, social media announcements provide an efficient and effective way to reach a wider audience and increase patient engagement.

These announcements may include needing to close for a day, new hours, or additional services etc. A last-minute cancellation, for example, can be posted online at a click of a button.


Social media is an excellent educational tool. It’s a great platform to share cases and have discussion with other colleagues or patients.

By posting photos/videos and other content about the field, you can better educate patients. You can also engage with other dentists on various topics and seek their opinion on the case.

What are the negatives?

We see cases posted on social media daily. These are carefully selected posts, only showcasing what has gone well.

Dentists should take such posts with a larger pinch of salt and not allow it to intimidate us or make us question the quality of our own work.

Secondly, constant use of social media use is not only time consuming but can also affect our health and real-life relationship. It can very easily become an addiction if you do not set yourself boundaries. There are also plenty of research on the negative impacts of screen time on sleep.

How can social media be used effectively?

Social media is an invaluable tool in dentistry when used appropriately. It is one of the best ways to build brand recognition for your dental practice, keep your existing patients engaged and attract new patients.

Remember that a powerful online presence goes beyond just setting up profiles across social platforms. It’s about forming meaningful connections, sharing your story and putting your expertise in the spotlight.

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